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    IronFilm reacted to tupp in Canon EOS M + Focal reducer = Fullframe raw for 300$?   
    I've got the EOSM and this RJ focal reducer.  Essentially, it makes the EOSM a full-frame camera and gives an extra stop of brightness.  It goes a little soft (with a slight chromatic aberration) on the edges, but most don't notice it unless they are looking for it.
    When I received the RJ adaptor, the back mount (EF-M) was loose/wobbly and could not be tightened.  Basically, the mount screws were too long and/or the threads were not tapped deep enough into the body of the adaptor.  RJ was diligent in corresponding on the problem, and RJ sent shorter screws which eliminated looseness/wobble.
    The RJ adaptor mostly stays mounted to the EOSM, as all my lenses except one are old Nikkors and as it prohibits dust from getting to the sensor. Sometimes the RJ gets replaced with an tilt-swing adaptor ( EF-M-to-Nikkor-F), which is a lot of fun.  Almost never used are my EF-M-to-Nikkor-F dummy adaptor and my EF-M-to-EF adaptor.
      On the RJ adapter, I am considering using tape to fix the "G" aperture adjustment ring to the smallest position, as I don't have any "G" lenses and as you can inadvertently bump it so that it keeps the aperture on "F" lenses from closing without your realizing it.
    By the way, the EOS M2 can currently be had new for almost the same low price to which the original EOSM sunk, but ML is just now starting to explore the M2.

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    IronFilm reacted to Ed_David in Darn it, banned again from DVXUSER!   
    Red was pretty important in the shift of the industry.  They effectively, along with the Canon 5d Mark II lowered the price by hundreds of thousands of dollars of cinema cameras.  They also kind of spurred the movement where younger nontraditional people could advance faster to positions of directors of photography.  So they have that to thank for - and I own two red one mx.  They are a fascinating company. Jim Jinnard is a fascinating leader - he is like the weird billionare guy on "Silicon Valley" or like Mark Cuban - and he made the company pretty exciting.  He is like the Commandant from "Beasts of Nowhere" - kind of a bully, but a father figure.
    But now it seems like Blackmagic design is disrupting the system with Resolve and their cameras.
    Also now Sony is back into the game.
    And Arri has survived the transition to digital from film.
    I think on a nerdy level it's all pretty interesting.
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    IronFilm reacted to Ed_David in Darn it, banned again from DVXUSER!   
    Basically I posted about reduser.net - their other website - and how it was faking or using bots to make the amount of people viewing it to make it seem bigger than it was.  Posted that on reduser then got banned then posted it on dvxuser and got banned.
    Beyond that, I also said on reduser.net how Red has gone in the wrong direction.  That the red one was revolutionary and the red epic was basically more of the same but with poor ergonomically ideas and overheating issues that didn't make it conducive towards narrative work (giant fan noises) and only one hd-sdi out port and horrible audio options.  Then the red dragon which they said was 20+ stops of dynamic range (and then they deny) was a flop because either you use it with the low light filter and dynamic range barely increases or the highlight filter and you have a camera that is only clean up to 320 ASA. And how they get people's hopes up then let them down is bad marketing and they need to be more realistic.  And again, people are excited for the Weapon and the Raven, but honestly I don't know how much of an improvement this is.
    I don't think they liked that.
    And yes, I was being critical of them on their own website, but it was constructive criticism.  I knew I would get banned especially for calling out their "fake" view counts, but it was me just being me.  Truth to power.
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    IronFilm reacted to Geoff CB in Sony A7RII 4k versus NX1 4K   
    Wow am I sick of hearing this, until Samsung announces this it is just a unfounded rumor. Samsung is one of the biggest tech giants in the world which supposedly had great sales with the NX1. Why would they close up shop?
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    IronFilm reacted to Inazuma in C100 Mark II misc. questions   
    I have to say I find it hard to believe that an external recorder won't help because most of the image defects are just due to the high compression. Anyway once my video assist arrives I'll know for sure.
    Aaron I was recording at various ISO's up to 16,000.
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    IronFilm reacted to aldolega in Gear advice: Sony A7s II or Used A7s??   
    Alternatively, sell the 5D and use the money towards an A7RII and a Metabones adapter, to give you decent stills AF without Canon glass.
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    IronFilm reacted to Gregormannschaft in Gear advice: Sony A7s II or Used A7s??   
    Your Mac WILL struggle with the 4K footage. I love the A7s, I don't think I've ever been so happy with video footage, it was miles and miles better than the 5D. Keep the 5D for photos, like you said, purchase the A7s, see how it handles and use the extra cash for lights or a great rig.
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    IronFilm reacted to Oliver Daniel in URSA Mini vs Raven (Updated with Raven 4.5K)   
    REDUser threads are cringeworthy: 
    1st page then stopped....
    "Ursa just got URSED!" 
    It's like some of them are in an army - "our country is better than yours" kinda vibes. It fits with the product naming scheme I guess. 
    That said, RED cameras are awesome. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from sudopera in Leica SL with 10bit 4K video and possible Panasonic full frame sensor!   
    Full size HDMI and dual SD slots is so sweet, wish more cameras did this. Heck, if the GH5 did this I'd be stoked! 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Jonesy Jones in URSA Mini vs Raven (Updated with Raven 4.5K)   
    No increase in Y resolution however. Still doing their bit to protect their higher end cameras. 
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    IronFilm reacted to sanveer in B&H Photo - largest seller of camera gear in USA exploits workers   
    People who are sympathising with the AL-Jazeers stories have obviously not been reading about labour conditions all over the world, and at most other stores. Apple Stores all over China have pathetic working conditions, and a lot of meat stores, electronics, online retailers, and super-stores in the US have terrible working conditions. Unlike Bangladesh where entire building are crumbling, all over the world, working conditions of the labour class isn't excellent. I cannot say with precision, but, I guess except Japan and a few Scandinavian countries, everywhere else, workers are treated like rodents. Why just stores, wasn't it recently that workers complained about the working conditions on Alfonso Cuarón's next film (I hope it was his film, that was in question), where extreme working conditions, with lousy food and extremely long work hours were making many crew members go literally berserk.

    This is in no way stating that, if it exists thus at B&H, it is justified, and fine because everyone else is doing it. 

    I believe Al Jazeera should first outline working conditions in atleast 30 super stores, and atleast 20 other online electronics retailers, to be able to lend some level of credibility to their story. Otherwise it looks like some low quality political propaganda. 
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    IronFilm reacted to mercer in B&H Photo - largest seller of camera gear in USA exploits workers   
    I'm sorry but, to me, that seemed extremely staged. One guy looked like he was reading from cue cards.
    The fact remains that workers have the right to unionize, I just feel the timing of the expose' and the union organization is a little too convenient.
    I hope it works out for all parties. But to be honest, there is not enough evidence yet that will keep me from shopping there. 
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    IronFilm reacted to mercer in B&H Photo - largest seller of camera gear in USA exploits workers   
    This is union muckraking, and I'm sorry, but anyone who doesn't see through this is stupid. This is the 21st Century US, not 40's Nazi Germany or behind the Iron Curtain. If the job is less than safe, then quit. They're not being forced to work there. Why weren't they reported to OSHA for their allegedly poor safety practices?I'm sorry but the timing of this expose' and the timing of the unionization of the BH workers are just too close to be called coincidental. And this nonsense that they aren't allowed to go to the bathroom... If you work a job that won't let you poop when you have to poop and you comply to their no pooping on the job policy... Then... You probably deserve to work that job. 
    EDIT: I apologize "stupid" is a strong word, I should have said misinformed or naive. 
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    IronFilm reacted to liork in B&H Photo - largest seller of camera gear in USA exploits workers   
    Regarding the saying that they didn't mention this is a Jewish owned store, Aljazeera do that it in a much smarter way, they just put a front photo with a Jew standing there. Bang, target accomplished. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Don Kotlos in Leica SL with 10bit 4K video and possible Panasonic full frame sensor!   
    Full size HDMI and dual SD slots is so sweet, wish more cameras did this. Heck, if the GH5 did this I'd be stoked! 
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    IronFilm reacted to sudopera in Leica SL with 10bit 4K video and possible Panasonic full frame sensor!   
    Has anyone taken into account that maybe this camera is a bit bigger because it has dual SD slots and full size HDMI, and maybe they just chose not to have any overheating issues. Also their lenses for this system are quite big and heavy, so I don't believe that photographers would be very happy with a heavy standard zoom on a tiny body.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Mattias Burling in Leica SL with 10bit 4K video and possible Panasonic full frame sensor!   
    oh boy I so want to call those 135 format fanatics "small picture".... it might just be worth learning swedish to do it!
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    IronFilm reacted to j.f.r. in FS5 vs A7S II vs URSA mini 4.6k   
    Also, unless you have the money or making that kind of money I would say the Sony FS7 (around 10K with everything) is definitely not a personal camera and structured more towards a working professional with clients. The most I would go is the Sony Fs700 around $5k as I know you could easily make money back doing corporate jobs and commercials, it's an excellent slow-motion camera as well that many clients use for music videos.
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    IronFilm reacted to Mattias Burling in nikon d5200?   
    I would be very surprised if it did. The brain is much more clever than that. You can switch back and forth as you choose. It's like knowing both how to ride a bike and roller skate. We are capable of more skills than one.
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    IronFilm reacted to AaronChicago in Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K ships!   
    I'm guessing Blackmagic grew faster than expected and wasn't prepared. They're still a relatively small company (compared to the giants). They'll either have to stay the course and be more accurate with a Q4 camera release schedule, or grow bigger and meet those early release dates.
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    IronFilm reacted to Mattias Burling in Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K ships!   
    You havent played in while I guess.
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    IronFilm reacted to Xavier Plagaro Mussard in Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K ships!   
    ND filters are a necessary PITA. To have it included in the camera makes you life easier, camera makers should make our live easier!
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    IronFilm reacted to dhessel in Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K ships!   
    Personally I thnk no internal ND's was a mistake especially since they advertised as being a run and gun camera. I think they like to think of themselves as making cinema cameras, shich they do, but forget their main market is more of the DSLR crowd that would prefere to not use a mattebox and to keep something like the Mini, mini. Regardless that was there decision and that is fine but that was not really my point. The answer given as to why they didn't add it was total BS. 
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    IronFilm reacted to jgharding in Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K ships!   
    No NDs is such a bummer...
    the F5 has the best ND design I've yet seen
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    IronFilm reacted to richg101 in Leica SL with 10bit 4K video and possible Panasonic full frame sensor!   
    full size hdmi!  huge body, i love the styling and size.  I wonder if the sensor glass is thinner so it works well with their premium M mount lenses via adaptor?
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