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  1. 100% Fact you have no idea what you are talking about....... C200 looks like video (especially when that is it;s intended market), GH5 I would say in-between and more cinematic now using anamorphic mode with lenses. Panasonic Varicam LT resembles film and if this new camera will provide the same image it will be amazing and one of the best cameras at this price range in the market. I easily put Varicam footage right next to Amira and in many situations much better when shooting at higher iso's
  2. The fact few people if any can tell the difference lets us know all we have too....... Both cameras look great and if most people here cannot tell the difference, 99.9% of the audience will not be able too either...... Go and create the project you've always wanted, the camera is no longer an excuse /
  3. Definitely the GH5 footage I was looking for...... Greta location. Art Design and "Mood" created. Watching on a 2.5k Monitor and looks LOVELY, very good job and definitely would recommend this camera based off of this footage (if this is any indication of what is capable , Panasonic has something Special here).
  4. All shot in SLOG at around 20,000 - 50,000+ ISO
  5. Your post lacks any and ALL form of common sense, especially when the base iso for this camera (Sony A7s) in S-log is 3200 iso.......... Now commenting on the GH5 or therefore any GH camera, it's not designed for high iso work. You need at a minimum an S35 sensor camera if you want to push higher iso's....... From my experience GH cameras should be shot no higher than 800iso and in EXTREME cases 1600iso and will definitely need noise reduction.
  6. 1DC better color, much better iso performance Would never trade a pro Canon Camera for a Consumer Panasonic one, this thread honestly makes no sense...... Panasonic GH shines in production situations, it's poor light and reaction to mixture of color temperatures is something I would never use "run n gun"...... You need to think to yourself what is it you are pursuing in life and go after it..... Are you a Cinematographer, Director, writer, editor, etc....
  7. Most films are shot locked off or a professional balanced system...... GH5 has similar compressed codec..... Also where int he world do you pass your "opinion" as facts, GH5 does not have anything that anyone could technically state as "better motion". One thing as a fact though is the GH5 has a smaller sensor and therefore is not as sensitive to light as the Sony...... The biggest problem with Panasonic GH Hybrid cameras has been "noise" and overly sharp natural footage, if this cans somehow be addressed in GH5 then it might be a good Hybrid camera, but working in the 2K range I would honestly save up a bit more and buy a Canon C100 Mark II.......
  8. Looks like overly sharpened, small sensor footage with "Plastic" skin tones.......... Honestly imo looks terrible, far from natural
  9. Not even close..... BlackMagic cameras are 11.5-12 useable , so I would rate the GH4 at least 2 stops or more under.... Iso 100 has nothing to do with noise....... Noise comes from a camera sensor being starved of "light"........ You can shoot at 3200+ iso and if your sensor has light it will look better than shooting at 100 iso in the dark......... So to clarify a camera with an HIGHER iso rating is actually much better in regards to sensitivity of light than one rated lower..... Iso 400 is much better than iso 100.... Two totally different tools..... GH5 is a Hybrid Camera, all in one. BlackMagic cameras are geared towards "production" and require a workflow from shooting to post processing. In my honest opinion all cameras have their +/- and should be tailored for their specific needs. There's NO one camera that does it all........
  10. They are great, unfortunately you just don't know how to use them...... Not every camera can just magically get you the image you want without knowing what you're doing, also why in the world were you using S-Log in an indoor environment with lights.......
  11. You're an idiot...... Magic footage looks great, especially for it's target market which is online...... People worry about the wrong things, yet 5 years ago something like this was not even possible.....Every time I come to this site it's someone always speaking nonsense..... I wonder why I even visit here as 90% of the people here just live off forums and actually produce no work at all....... * Regarding video quality, GoPro looks better but the Mavic definitely wins in ease of use. I would purchase the Mavic based off of ease alone, image quality is not everything.........
  12. j.f.r.

    GH5 Prototype

    Blackmagic Ursa Mini says "Hi"......... Truth is the most important thing in an image is definitely color information and compression. This is what sets apart "nice" images from "Amazing"....... Ursa Mini 4.6k best image quality from any camera under 20k.......
  13. Great way to destroy the footage with horrible color correction.... Also this camera is D.O.A. Looks like DSLR footage.......
  14. RED EPIC is a much better camera released YEARS ago and I mean YEARS........ Please log off of the internet......... I seriously ask myself why I even visit this site as more than 90% of the people here have no idea what they are talking about..... Also regarding the $30k price I would rig up 3 URSA MINi 4.6K and accomplish any and everything I wanted too..... So like I said, Canon is a JOKE!
  15. lol..... RED does MORE for LESS....... Canon is at least 3-4 years late with this camera, what a JOKE!
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