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  1. If you want fisheye look, but less distortion, maybe a fixed lens and some tweaking in post (with a lens correction plug-in) could be the ticket! I would get something in the 8mm to 14mm for that if you are on APS-C. I say a fixed lens so correction is always the same and you have a cookie cutting solution. If you get the 10-20, you can experiment more looks (and more corrections!).
  2. Is good just for framing, you can't judge exposition! Not ideal, but better than nothing...
  3. Wi-fi works on 2.4Ghz, same as most RC controls. It's better to avoid using it!
  4. Nowadays cameras have so many features, not always working 100% that it is a mess to buy one and know that it will work in your application!!! You could point a cheap camera to the LCD of the Samsung and feed that to Video TX...
  5. I recognize that 10 years ago people used to ask for my camera. It's been pretty long time that they don't care, but I never do high end gigs. In a higher end gig is more important that there is a pro in every key position than the camera.
  6. The great news is that someone (SLR Magic) thought about doing something NEW in the optics world!!! Great review, we all want one now!!! ;-D
  7. Wow, Jacob, what a piece of news. Samsung better made a h264 firmware for their cameras!
  8. ​Drones are like any other tool, useful when used right, dangerous when used bad. Of course there must be laws and rules to keep the use on the good side and punish people who use them bad. It's so basic that it feels ridiculous to have to write it. When I first searched a drone pilot four years ago, here in Italy, there was already a regulation in UK. Here in Italy they are still changing the rules everyday.......
  9. ​I tried myself!!! ;-D A lot of years ago, things may have changed!
  10. If you want stable footage, the DJI Phantom is the easiest route! And Egypt is a great place for drone flying, don't think I am trying to avoid you to learn!!! ;-) The best way would be to get the cheapest drone you can, to train with it. Better to crash a cheap drone. Then when you are confident, you get a better drone! Good luck!!!
  11. Linux is only free if you value your time 0$ per hour. You will need a lot of hours to make it work as you want!
  12. linux for creative people already exists, it's called Mac Os X!
  13. From a drone pilot pov your post reads like this: Guys I've been offered money to give a violin concert. Which is the cheapest violin I can buy that I can give a concert with? If you want drone shots, get a drone pilot or someone with RC model experience, at least! A Phantom costs 1300$, it will cost you 3000$. for that money you can fly someone with experience!
  14. ​ You must tell us more info of what you were trying to achieve!
  15. If you get the Tokina you are getting a nice APS-C lens collection!
  16. Looks really promising. For those in doubt between this and the RX100, I bought one RX100 mk1 and it wasn't really well built, it took a little bump and it has suffered from them. It's prosumer at its lightest. So if you need your cameras to be even a bit tough, you seem better fit with the RX10...
  17. Fredrik, your video looks great and it's clear. If your video is just a recipe, only thing it lacks is the text for what ingredients/measures are. I love simple things and in a recipe, the simpler the better. Some movements can add some fun, but are not necessary, not in a 50 seconds video recipe. Then you can think you want to go a step further, so you need some environments, some props, maybe a sexy voice over, some sound effects, etc. the sky is the limit! ;-D
  18. Drones are not toys. To disturb firefighter planes with your drone you must be an asshole.
  19. they are point lights, 99% of your talent will complain about the one in front of them!
  20. I have an LX100 and I am happy with it. As long as you don't need a long zoom, it's cheap, tactile and light, while offering great IQ.
  21. ​Nobody could describe it better!!! LOL!!! I can't understand how someone could spend so many hours programming something that is so complicated to use... Advanced CC is not easy anyway, but the learning curve in Resolve has no easy-in!!! ;-DD
  22. If you are proficient with FCP X, I can't understand why change NLE system..... Motion tracking or CC can be done with plug-ins!
  23. Heat comes mostly from the sensor and the processing, both things are done either recording internal or external. I never had an SD card warm because it had recorded many hours!!! ;-D
  24. Did you try to record 29 minutes?? If it worked did you try to record another 29 minutes?? Very few cameras with a big sensor can do it! Most of all will give you a temperature advice and stop recording. If you need to record a whole day, think about a little sensor camera!
  25. Get a Panasonic LX100 and think about your video skills, instead of your lens collection!
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