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  1. Thanks man! It indeed might be the best option. It's just not ideal when focussing during a interview when a person is moving alot, but i think i can live with it
  2. Oh man, thanks, i will try out to change the peaking to red, let's see if that makes a difference! It is indeed the wide ends where the problem accures. I have the latest firmware but did not tried the AF yet, i'll give it a try!
  3. Hi there, I'm using the Samsung NX1 + 16-50S lens for a while now for my video productions. Im quite happy with the image, But i can't get really used to the focussing... I'm now working on my second project with interviews and it seems i can't rely on the white focus-assist stripes when manual focussing. It happend more than once that objects or faces where completely out of focus when i checked them on my computer, while when filming it tells me it's in focus. Auto focus is not an option because it's hunting. I know the best option would be an external monitor, but i was wondering if somebody did experience the same issue and if it might be a firmware thing?
  4. Hi all! Today i used my new Samsung NX1 for some interviews, but there was a big delay on the LCD display (out of sync). I was shooting UHD 25p with Dis (in camera stabilisation) on. I was wondering if this is normal, or maybe it's because ofcthe Dis?
  5. Thanks Steve, i think indeed that this is the best way to do it :)
  6. Hi there, i recently bought the Samsung NX1 and i was wondering; when i'm in video mode i can see in the upper left of the lcd-screen: STBY 00:00/29:59. When i hit the record button and start recording, let's say for 2 minutes, and press stop, it jumps back to the same recording time again: STBY 00:00/29:59. I don't really know if it is, but if it is the maximal duration of a single clip, then how do i know how much estimated time there is left when i start shooting other scenes? Because now i don't have a clue how much i can record in total.
  7. I just picked up the Samsung NX1 last weekend. I think it was the best video/photography combo and had i think it was a good deal (€1999,00 with 16-50S lens). I made some video tests and i'm really impressed, very cinematic image. I was a bit scared for converting time, but converting to Prores with Rocky Mountains converter actually goes quite fast. Good choice till so far and i'll be testing around this week.
  8. Well, this country handles crazy taxes indeed! http://www.kamera-express.nl/product/12208820/metabones-canon-ef-naar-mft-t-speedbooster-xl-0-64x/?gclid=CPyYvYvKlccCFSb3wgodRawGWg Thanks, i'll take a look at this one too!
  9. I'm impressed by the RX10ii also, but i'm affraid for noise when shooting indoors, i've heard for outside shooting with S-Log ISO 800 is needed and add extra exposure. In combination with that small sensor i don't know if i would feel comfortable when using it as A-cam. Btw im from the Netherlands. I don't know what it is but the samples i've seen from the NX1 looked more cinematic to me than the GH4. Also with the NX1 i get a new lens (16-50S seems to be good) and for cheap i get an EF-adapter so i'm also able to use my Canon lenses, and with the GH4 i'll continue with the same glass and maybe the change isn't that satisfying. Questions like these playing with my brains constantly. Thanks, i'll take a look at that cam! It's very difficult huh to make a satisfying decision
  10. Hi all, As the title says, i can't decide between the RX10ii, GH4 or NX1, and i hope you can help me with making a decision. I'm a independed videographer since 2007, i started with a Panasonic HVX200, later (and still have) a Canon t2i, then, till now i'm using a Canon 5d Mark2. I think it's time for a change and an investment, so i'm looking for a new camera. Because of the technology going so fast i don't want to spend a huge amount of money, and so i have a few options. 1. RX10ii - Interesting because of it's lens, frame rates and S-LOG, worried about Low-Light and small sensor. I need to keep my 5dmii for pro-photography (sometimes i got asked for that). (costs € 1599,00) 2. GH4 - Interesting with Speedbooster so i can use my EF-lenses, don't know about it's stills, so i don't know if i should sell my 5d for it? (costs: € 1499, and € 999,00 for speedbooster XL). 3. NX1 with 16-50S 2.0 - 2.8 lens + adapter for EF for manual use, i've seen some less-positive reviews about this cam, but i've seen amazing 4k video from it. I'm aware of the h.265 codec and it's workflow, but i think this made be interesting one to sell my 5d for. I'm also aware of it's rolling shutter, but i'm a kind of laid back filmer and never had any problem with it on my 5d .(i can get the NX1 with 16-50S lens for € 1999,00) Mostly i'm making promotional videos for companies, so a lot of inside filming with available light and, interviews. Well, i'm hoping for some good advice!
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