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  1. ​Plus they get too warm and stop recording after several minutes!
  2. ​Unless they messed up something, the iMac should be faster! I must say I edit LX100 4K files on my Macbook Pro without any problem! The other day I handed a GoPro 2 file, 1080p25 MP4 to a guy with an i7, 16Gb RAM pc notebook and it played stuttering.......
  3. Cinegain, you seem to have used both, how do they intercut together LX100 and FZ1000??
  4. I have a Panasonic LX100 and I am very happy with it too! The dials on the body make it very tactile, I nearly never go onto menus!!!
  5. Someone should invent an ALL-I internet codec!
  6. ​That's the point of calibration. Most new monitors are maybe 2-3% off, with calibration you bring them all within 0.X% where you don't see nearly any difference. I have a Macbook Pro Retina and an old Dell and they nearly match!
  7. When I saw the Pocket in person I felt the LCD was shit. So it's better to make smaller cameras and you choose your LCD! Black Magic is really proving to be a forward-looking company! Five years ago they weren't a camera company at all and now they are!
  8. With the lens wide open you get brighter images than real life. It's not a low-light monster, but it's not bad!
  9. Biggest update is the squared lens hood! A little step for Canon, a big step for humanity??
  10. Film was better for more than a hundred years, now the truth is that digital is better, much better. Film is a nice flavour and we love it for her defects!!!
  11. Film emulation for video (with noise, hair, flickr and frame movements), plant growing animation, black bars to simulate 16:9, too shallow DOF, slow motion and now color correction abuse. What will be the next video cliché??
  12. Hi Ed! It would be great if you put subtitles in english for non native public. I understand most of it, but would love to understand ALL!!! Congratulations!!!
  13. That Sigma is probably the best EF-S lens!
  14. ​ That's why they call it "bleeding edge"!!! To be in the first batch is bleeding time/money expensive... ;-DD RED started the paying "beta tester program" in the business and it has probably worked for them. Their marketing is good. I remember reading a lot of people thinking they could buy a RED and Francis Ford Coppola would knock on their door to rent it!!!
  15. Modern camcorders, without moving parts or tape mechanisms, should be pretty tought. Maybe you can put them in a water-resistant case and be 100% sure!
  16. This is a very nice thread! The key is in the intentions. Of course this is about voyeurism, to look what people do normally, not in a staged situation with actors! There is nothing wrong about it! About the people not living the experience, but shooting it I don't understand them!!! I live in Rome and I see people who didn't watched directly anything. They watched it in their iPads, smartphones, camcorders viewfinders... It's pretty sad. I wonder if in their memories they include metadata like: "The first time I saw the Pantheon I just 20% of battery left and my SD nearly full" "When I arriv
  17. If you want to record long interviews (more than half an hour), you'd better get a camcorder. At least for the general shot. Any actual camcorder will do. The other cam can be an DSLR or mirrorless. The Sony ones for example should record 29 minutes straight, instead of the 12 minutes of Canon. But don't trust me: check before buying!
  18. The video is very In the Mood for Slow Mo!!! It's very nice! Keep your feedback edgy, we are talking about a camcorder that costs like a cheap car!!!
  19. ​Maybe it's me, but I really can't understand to buy a 30K$ camera to record at 50Mbit/s........
  20. In the mean time you could really improve your skills by using a simulator in your computer several hours a day!
  21. If you really want to have a little drone, get a DJI phantom. Even a used one. Those cheap drones you are proposing will probably never give you any satisfaction (vibrations). And you will be flying them over your clients...
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