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  1. I have one of this: http://wildiron.com/products/the-steadywheel It works great with small cameras with OIS. I have an LX100 and it works.
  2. http://www.dpreview.com/articles/0224203550/3-200mp-lsst-camera-gets-construction-approval I know what you are thinking: which Iscorama to use on it?? Does it goes on 15mm rails?? ;-DD
  3. ​Probably IVK, we still don't know if MMMDCCCXL by MMCLX or MMMMXCVI by MMCLX!
  4. My second name has an accent and it looks weird. I have seen other names with accents and they look weird too!!!
  5. It can be easily done. Put your audio on the "storyline" track and the clips over it!!!
  6. I personally think color correction is getting overblown. There is too much correction, it's easy to see masks all over any actor face several times during a movie. Like too much audio compression on CDs, it will peak and I hope people will complain.
  7. The FCP X timeline needs a bit of mental readjusting, but once you learn it, you don't want to come back!!!
  8. ​ FCP X does that for you automagically!!!
  9. I got the LX100 yesterday and there are a couple of things I don't understand. I change Iso, aperture or shutter and I don't see any change on the rear LCD. When I press record, the settings took effect and the look mostly change. Is there a way I can see changes on the LCD?? Also I set Iso to Auto, and when I press record, the Iso is fixed. Is like when recording video settings change. Clearly I looked at the manual, but they didn't explain what I need! Thanks!
  10. In fact, that's another problem. 24/25p watched on a (probably!) 60Hz monitor. In any case when you go to a movie theater and there is a pan, image "judders". And there is noise. Sometimes even in daytime scenes. Nobody cares, if the story is good!
  11. ​Patrick you are not reading the answers. There is no fault or problem. Recording 24p/25p there is "judder" when things or the camera moves. Have you ever watched a motion picture in theater??
  12. On your window video it didn't change, on the second video exposure changes in every single clip! Even stranger, it seems to increase exposure when recording a brighter scene!!!
  13. I didn't read all the answers, but if you are working in a church, placement is 99% of success. A little recorder, like a Zoom H1, can make "miracles"... ;-DD
  14. ​If you can't blame your tools, 90% of this industry stops!!!! ;-DDD I read people on forums talking about denoising all the time and every single time I go to a movie theater I see glorious noise all over the place. Even in daylight scenes. And I don't care, I'm watching a film!!!
  15. ​If you need to take pictures and/or love to work handheld, a native AF lens with OS is a must.
  16. The important thing about a reviewer is integrity. This doesn't mean Andrew can't accept money for his job, how can he live without money?? I hope he makes a lot of money and don't loose integrity!!! ;-D
  17. Ed your video looks great indoors, but in the couple of shots outside, the trees look oversharpened?? Were they shot with any different setting?? The foliage always looks like this??
  18. The LX100 costs/weights 1/3 of a GH4 plus adapters. If your main cam is a C100, maybe to have something more pocketable is a nice option?
  19. To have better cards than needed is not a real problem, I wouldn't want to have a card that works 99.9% of the time. I want one that works 100%!!!
  20. Of course is not using iOS, I meant iOS usability! Sorry My daughter operated an iPad when she was two years old...
  21. The nice thing of the Shogun is that it seems to bring the best iOS interface into a pro recorder. I hope the build quality concerns remain concerns and not problems! I really can't justify 2000€ on this, but watching how it works I would love to have one!!!
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