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  1. In a free world Sony can sell whatever they want at whatever the price. And we buyers should decide what to buy or not. Nobody argues that. But as Andrew and others say, if a multi-thousand euros difference is just a couple lines of code, owners will probably be favorable to the hack, so the cat vs mouse situation starts and never ends! It takes balls to test a hack on a 16K$ camera too!!!
  2. Come on Radiohead don't be shy!!! ;-DD It's really difficult for anyone to make a video just with the footage you have. Even more with electronic/dance music, in which you need "pulsating" images. So next time you are shooting, remember to zoom on particles that fly, water that flows, some unfocused shots, anything that moves quick!!! I used to VJ, so I really made house music videos in real-time! You can watch a demo-reel:
  3. The fact is good and I hope it got you money and will get you more work! But the edit really doesn't connect the images with the music. Is dull and has no rythm! It makes no justice to neither the music nor to your images! You would have made a x1000 better job!!!
  4. The Music Bed is great music, but for most little companies, $399 just for the music in a video is really too much. A price from 20€ to 50€ for legally/properly made music is a great idea!!!
  5. It is a very honest move, I hope they make a "must buy" camera!
  6. First question that came to my mind was: if they can make money selling it at 3K$, how much money were they making selling it at 4K$??
  7. This time Panasonic has tried to offer something really nice. The brick maybe ugly, but could bring 4K multicam to the masses!
  8. Tony Wilson, making people rich!!! I have the same Tokina Achromat with a red Redstan Adapter, accepting offers.
  9. Congratulations on the video Andrew! It's wonderful! I worked as a VJ for several years and I can tell you this video could be projected and make any club cooler!!!
  10. Andrew this video is fantastic and most shots look great, even those shot at night-time..... (pixel peeping mode ON) But I see noise in a couple of shots I wasn't expecting, in the Pratengarten entrance and in second 44 (the lake) where it doesn't seem there is low light. Did you add some noise in post?? Thanks!
  11. Yes, I understand that. But from the video, it all seems a long sequence, no cuts. So I really think a lot of programming work was needed! A making-off is utterly necessary! ;-DDD Video-mapping isn't new, it can be wonderful, even if most examples I have seen are more like "presets" than custom/well thought material...
  12. If you think jazz musicians "improvise" real-time, then you can believe this short has been done "real-time". Jazz musicians must study music and their instrument for years before they can improvise. To make this short "real-time", they have worked for days, probably weeks. Programming movements can't be improvised.  I agree a making-off would be great! 
  13. Just for reference, the italian BBC1, RAI1 is actually broadcasting in SD 4:3. Digital terrestrial TV, is horribly implemented and you more often that not get glitchy videoart instead of your favourite program. We haven't even Full HD working for all of us and now they want 4K 120fps..... I hope the next Mac Pro is not THAT expensive!
  14. We all love happy ends and the black-hole seems 100% fixed, but the white-blobs have been improved, can we call them solved??
  15. Probably this video specs castration is consequence of the deal with Sony.
  16. As nlw said, there are a lot of adapters for a 2x anamorphic. I am not a fan of flares, but I like very much the start of this video and some shots are really "cinema" ready.  When the focus is close resolution suffers, maybe too much.  Of course it depends on the final price!
  17. I forgot about the Nikon, you are right!    Let be honest about RED, it has been bought by people who makes movies or people with too much money. I don't think they have sold many, but they have shaken the audiovisual market to the root. Now BMD is doing this for the rest of us. Let's show some love instead of hate!   
  18. Husah, Canon would probably never try to put video on a DSLR camera if RED didn't exist. Cameras are tools, the important thing is the production you are doing. Since you can't shoot anything with the "future specs" of a possible/vapourware camera, focus on the cameras that exist. I wouldn't start a serious job on a camera it just came out. I would at least wait to see if the camera works well. But that's just me!!!
  19. I can't believe people still counts on vapourware! Blackmagic is like 0.1% of Canon or Sony, they are probably doing their best. More cameras they make, more money they make. You still could be buying crippled HDV interlaced 1/3" CCDs 5000$ cameras if not for Red or Blackmagic, show some respect...
  20. JVC only positive move in the digital video was when they introduced cameras that had this long format so you could actually use them without any "rig". They have never done any other interesting thing, their colour rendering was the worst of any big brand...
  21. This camera will really need a Speed booster or wide angle will be impossible or impo$$ible...
  22.   Thanks god someone said it. Who cares about shit shoot at 4K 3D??? TV should think about interesting content...
  23. FCP 7 and Premiere are more similar than dissimilar. FCP X is more modern, more "intelligent" if you know what I mean. At first is a little shock, but when you get used to it, it's a lot better, at least for me. 
  24. I think it's a must see, because new cinema formats doesn't come out every couple of days. Then a "theoretical" improvement doesn't provide a direct improvement. For me there is a debate, a debate I would like to have with people who have the bases to discuss, and the first step is to watch the thing itself.    But if you already hate HFR before you see it, then of course is better you save your time and go do something else!  :P  
  25. Tony, I respect your passion, but I don't agree good cinema can only be made with film, there has been so much shit shot on 35mm. Cinema is a mix of storytelling/visuals/music/acting/etc and can be shot in any format! To make art with movie making is a lot more difficult. Peter Jackson is not even trying to make art, he's trying to make money and he is pretty good at it!    LOTR is a little more serious/epic, The Hobbit is more entertainment, but I don't feel any of them to be satanic! Both are pop-corn eating movies... ;-D    
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