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  1. I shot on the designated movie mode (manual)
  2. I have shot in 24p in the past and sometimes it looked jittery to me. This was my first time shooting 30p. There were no requirements mentioned but I think Television uses 30p.
  3. https://crashthesuperbowl.doritos.com/video/1400 I put a Zeiss 1.8 24mm lens on a Sony A5100. I shot in XAVC mode 30p. A Lumahawk LED light was used for inside cave shots. To see the true quality of video the youtube settings should be changed to 720p or 1080p.
  4. https://crashthesuperbowl.doritos.com/gallery/submission/2589 Roommates Revenge filmed in Banff Canada on Sony A5100. The quality is for you to judge. The camera is a little small to hold but on a tripod and steadicam it worked well. The new codec and full pixel readout are a huge improvement. If you like the commercial 5 star ratings might really help my chances of making the finals. That is my little plug but I really wanted everyone to see what the camera's quality was like. I opted to buy the A5100 because I could not afford the A7s at this time and I like the Sony's because I shoo
  5. Thanks wjkotze I finally figured it out. The clips look amazing in the new codec. You saved me from a major headache.
  6. I got that thanks but how do you select the sd card. I have done lots of importing and editing in FCPX with AVCHD but I just don't get this at all.
  7. Forgive me but I don't know where the import dialog window even is. Is it in FCPX. Sorry need help?
  8. After further review, the sony plug in for FCPX says it works with Sony SxS cards. I think that is the key. Those cards look way expensive. I think i might just get the ninja star.
  9. I don't know what you mean by digging into the root folder of the SD card. wjkotze can you please explain this to me. Much appreciated.
  10. When I shoot AVCHD the clips show up in aperture and it does upload nicely to FCPX in 24p. When I use XAVC files no clips are shown in Aperture or FCPX.
  11. I have just downloaded Sony's XAVC/XD CAM Plug in and I still can't import XAVC footage into FCPX. I am using the latest edition of FCPX(10.1.3) and Apple's Mavericks operating system. Also, my Mac has been updated with the ProApps Codecs version 1.0.5. Thought that I had done everything right. Guess Not! I would love it if someone could point me in the right direction here. Should I buy a Ninja Star and go straight to Pro Res and forget about all the conversion stuff. It seems to me that the more we convert things we lose quality.
  12. Cheers. Thanks for your time.
  13. Thanks Quirky. Appreciate the lesson. What camera do you recommend for better video? GH4 or A7s or maybe something else. Just would like your opinion as to what you really like out there.
  14. Thank you utsira. This was very helpful. I also watched a few reviews comparing internal codec samples versus the pro res of the external recorder and they looked the same in every review. I am confused because all I ever read about is how much better pro res is with the high bit rate. If Sony came out with an A6100 with internal pro res codec at 220 megabits everyone would be so excited. What am I missing here?
  15. Andrew has written that the Sony A6000 has been much improved for video. Phillip Bloom said it was one of the nicest HD images he has seen out of a stills camera. The major complaint has been the AVCHD codec. Now we have a very small Ninja Star external recorder with Pro Res. Any comments about this combination would be greatly appreciated.
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