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  1. I hope it's settings problem, because it's really ugly!
  2. Samyang can't sell the same thing at the same price as Zeiss. Zeiss has 100+ years of history. Samyang needs to make lens as good or better and cheaper than Zeiss if they want to make money!
  3. I think any of the three cameras you name can do well. You just have to pick one and learn to use it the best! There are so many specs, hidden faults (heating sensors), that to choose a camera is more difficult every time! But in the end you will work with what you have!
  4. I do mostly event/comercial low-low-budget work, but would like to dedicate myself to documentaries more. Made a couple of shortfilms, but the whole production/actors work turned me off. It gave me great respect for the ones who actually have the patience to do it!!!
  5. I think you left maybe the best one for that: Panasonic FZ1000, now it's really cheap!
  6. Please, can we wait another 20 minutes for my camera to cool down and repeat the "will you marry John" part??
  7. Not giving away 10bit seems more market protection than heat problems to me! That's why they don't give it neither on the output!
  8. When you talk about stabilization the proof is in the pudding, specs are useless. Two stabilization systems could perform better than one or worse. You must try. I suppose the Sony IBIS will probably be studied to work well with Sony OSS. But with Canon IS, who knows?? And if you put all of this on a gimbal, who knows?? The video posted by Gregormannschaft seems like Canon IS 24-105 a very good combination!
  9. From the tests it seems the A7R II is the best of A7R + A7S, so they either make the A7S II the ultimate camera you will ever need or it seems useless!!!
  10. I am waiting for the first "we shoot it with moonlight and f16" shortfilm!!!
  11. I know, that is why I recomend you to experiment with a "lens correction" plug-in!
  12. If you want fisheye look, but less distortion, maybe a fixed lens and some tweaking in post (with a lens correction plug-in) could be the ticket! I would get something in the 8mm to 14mm for that if you are on APS-C. I say a fixed lens so correction is always the same and you have a cookie cutting solution. If you get the 10-20, you can experiment more looks (and more corrections!).
  13. Is good just for framing, you can't judge exposition! Not ideal, but better than nothing...
  14. Wi-fi works on 2.4Ghz, same as most RC controls. It's better to avoid using it!
  15. Nowadays cameras have so many features, not always working 100% that it is a mess to buy one and know that it will work in your application!!! You could point a cheap camera to the LCD of the Samsung and feed that to Video TX...
  16. I recognize that 10 years ago people used to ask for my camera. It's been pretty long time that they don't care, but I never do high end gigs. In a higher end gig is more important that there is a pro in every key position than the camera.
  17. The great news is that someone (SLR Magic) thought about doing something NEW in the optics world!!! Great review, we all want one now!!! ;-D
  18. Wow, Jacob, what a piece of news. Samsung better made a h264 firmware for their cameras!
  19. ​Drones are like any other tool, useful when used right, dangerous when used bad. Of course there must be laws and rules to keep the use on the good side and punish people who use them bad. It's so basic that it feels ridiculous to have to write it. When I first searched a drone pilot four years ago, here in Italy, there was already a regulation in UK. Here in Italy they are still changing the rules everyday.......
  20. ​I tried myself!!! ;-D A lot of years ago, things may have changed!
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