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  1. Actually not a bad idea - not ideal though. I'm going to try the Gentles gadget I linked to above - if that doesn't work we may need to try your idea. Best, Tom
  2. If you can find it cheaper I'll take it. This thing is a dream to fly on a drone - can't think of another camera at this weight with these features. On a drone you always need to have hdmi out for the ground video feed. Thus, crippling features while using hdmi out is a problem.
  3. Just purchased this: http://www.gentles.ltd.uk/gentwire/focus.htm?filter=nx1 Fingers are crossed...
  4. Been flying the NX1 (latest fw) for a week or so now, and decided to take her up for some pictures. Put it on timelapse for every 3 seconds to take 600 shots. No problem, right? Connect the HDMI cable for video out (so we can see what the hell we're doing from the ground) and timelapse is suddenly unavailable. So I had a chat with Samsung chat support, and they told me what I already knew, which is that you can't use timelapse while using hdmi out. And they didn't have any other ideas for how I could take pics in the air. This is the second head-scratching problem I've had with this camera (the first was the thing automatically reverting to CAF when pressing record for video). Love the video of this camera, but if I can't take pics from it, then I'll probably need to sell it. VERY frustrated with this thing right now..... Any ideas? Best, Tom
  5. Ahhhh...just got my Rokinon 12mm in the mail and used this feature. Works flawlessly! Much happier (though a bit heavier than I'd like to be). Thanks for the help all!
  6. Thanks for the responses. Absolutely nuts. Love this camera and really thought Samsung was ready for the big-boy table. Just ordered the Rokinon 12mm 2.0 with all MF. A little frustrating because I'm flying this camera and really didn't want to go with a lens that is about 3x heavier. Sekhar, agreed - their fw update schedule is admirable. Hopefully they get some of these head-scratchers taken care of. Best, Tom
  7. There isn't any AF switch on this lens. How do you stay in standby mode? Since the op, I had a chat with Samsung. They said this: "Okay. As per the information I see that the camera while recording the videos will switch to autofocus to manual and vice-versa depends upon the brightness and lighting around the camera to make sure that it records with quality." Then later: "The focus mode switches between manual and auto depends upon the lightning on the captured objects. This is the integrated feature to make sure with the quality of the video recording are upto the mark. In the manual focus mode it’s nearly impossible for the camera to focus on a moving subject if any other objects are in the frame. hence it switches between the modes." Then they made it clear this is a fw issue and cannot be changed through any settings. Why on earth would anybody make a camera that is forceably taken from MF regardless of the shooter's intentions? Maybe I'll need to buy a MF lens....
  8. Hi all. First post over here. Having a really aggravating problem with my Samsung NX1 and 16mm Samsung NX 2.4 lens. Everything is on manual focus. But whenever I press video record, it reverts to continuous auto focus no matter what I do. While it is recording I can switch back to manual focus, but at that point I've already lost my manual focus point. Just want to record manual - arghhhhh!!! Anybody have any advice? I've been through the entire manual and have the latest fw - 1.32. Thanks, Tom
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