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  1. Could you retrigger the rec and keep recording without warming issues?? How long was the piece?? A 4K master is really great in a multi cam shooting!
  2. Are you sure there is no control set on auto for audio?? It would be nice to know. My Nex 5R heats and stops recording after 20 minutes more or less!
  3. HFR is the anti-cinematic invention. To have pans on 48fps, the whole movie is 48fps, just the 24fps parts have twice every frame.
  4. Focusing on Canon "innovation" is watching the glass half empty, but who the fuck would have thought Samsung (samsung, is not a typo!) would have made a great 4K camera??? World is changing and we have to take the good of it.
  5. Canon is a lost cause. Masses are an even "loster" cause. Andrew you choosed a bad name for this site!!! But we love your reviews, so who cares??
  6. Andrew, having most of these cameras, you could do the community a big favour. I know we live in a two-minute-video-is-too-long world, but sometimes I use my Nex5r/RX100 as a camcorder and I always find that they can't always record straight for 30 minutes. The Nex stops at the 15-25 minutes depending on ambient temperature. It would be nice if you could line all your cameras and show how much time they can record straight!
  7. They announced the A7 II, but here you are already demanding the A7S II and the A7R II!!! Sony we love ya!!!
  8. Samsung should offer an 1080p h264 codec, right now. Metabones should make a Speed Booster, right now. Apple and Adobe should support h265, yesterday!!! ;-DDD
  9. I fully agree with Igor. An AV output or a 720p HDMI with graphics on are needed to make aerial shoots. Andrew, make some calls please!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  10. I live in Italy and the national post service sucks. I have been weeks waiting for parcels. At the end they all arrived!!! But I would be very very wary of sending vintage/unique pieces of equipment without tracking and insurance!!!!!
  11. I think there is a lot of fetish in the "I love 35mm film" community. It seems to me more a subject to impress girls than to make movies... Of course everybody can love what they want, we are in a free world, are we?? ;-D
  12. I want every camera with 2 bits more than what they already have!!! And double the fps!!!
  13. A little bit of light, placed in the right place, can make a really big difference!!! ;-D
  14. To the OP, I have a couple of Yongnou YN300 daylight. I am very happy with them. They may not be the most colour accurate lights in the world, but they can work. You will probably put a film emulation or CC anyway. If you want the purest skin tones, you should better work outdoors. I also have a soft box with Ikea LED lamps. I work for a meat company and meat needs to be cold or it change colours. But the soft box is a PITA to move, transport, etc. The couple of YN300 with some serious batteries (than seem to last forever) just take like 20% of a normal backpack. To JazzBox, lamps pr
  15. Can a USB battery pack (those used to recharge your mobile) e connected to the USB port and power the camera or at least recharge??
  16. In LOTR a hobbit was a hobbit. In The Hobbit a hobbit is an actor dressed with make-up to look like a hobbit.
  17. Rc, you are not making wedding videos for us, you are doing them for your clients. You are showing some progression in those links you posted. I liked you used more live audio, you edited better (in the first one you cut a lot of times to a similar frame, in the second the fades "fade away" the attention) and you are improving. One recommendation, don't get too fixed on flares, color correction or a cool wipe. A plug-in won't make you a better videomaker!!! Those are just the icing. I don't do wedding videos, so take my advice with a grain of salt! ;-D
  18. If you don't need too much zoom Panasonic LX100. If you are more into nature or other subjects which need a long lens, then a FZ1000. Both are 4K and give more IQ than any HD camera can...
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