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  1. Thank you for the link!! Most reviews are quite positive about the X70, only a few cons that seem to keep coming up. Good to hear Sony has a nice reputation for durability, hope it carries over to the X70. I am probably asking too much of a camera on the lower end, I just don't want to invest a lot until I know there are going to be jobs to make money from it. I have had interest, but what people say and what people pay are two different things Until I need to replace my D3x, or there's a super compelling reason to get the D810, I am still holding out hope for a D4x...or, at this rate, a D5x . However, I will probably end up with the D810, or its replacement, before Nikon brings out a camera in the single digital range that fits my needs. Thanks again!
  2. ​I would love to get the D810, unfortunately, AF tracking of moving subjects is one of my needs. I wish more than I can express that a DSLR or mirrorless system would work for me, as I would find it much more useful, overall. I have been waiting forever for the D4x to come out, but I guess I'll be in a retirement home by the time that happens...the D4s is not what I am looking for....which leaves the D810 as my best option Nikon has right now. As a stills body, the D3x is a fantastic camera, but I would find the D810 quite nice to have, too. Tupp -- yes, I do my best to be sure everything is thoroughly dried if I have been working in the rain. Stills are my main business, and I cannot really so "no" to photographing in the rain, but try to limit it as much as I can. For video, I could just not do it if it is raining, but the dust......I cannot escape the dust!
  3. I have insurance, just not crazy about making a claim that would be because the equipment was not the right fit for the job. Toughness is a big selling point in still camera bodies/lenses, but isn't even mentioned (at least not where I am looking) when selling camcorders.
  4. Thanks, Xavier, that makes me feel a little better. I was thinking of trying to use some protective gear, but I probably will not have time. My main body/lens combo is the Nikon D3x/70-200 -- before that, the D2Xs. Those bodies are so well made, and put up with a lot of use. I would much rather have heavy and durable, than light and flimsy!
  5. I have pretty much decided the Sony X70 would work for me as far as specs go, but am a little concerned about operating conditions. I use my Nikon equipment regularly in nasty conditions -- VERY dusty, rain (I use rain gear, but still gets a little wet), in the sun 12 hours, etc. I clean after such use, and have never had a problem related to the conditions. The camcorder will not need to withstand the same length of time in the nasty conditions as my Nikon equipment does, but it will need to be used in dust and heat. Are the lower end camcorders (under $3500) able to withstand harsh conditions?? The descriptions on the camcorders don't mention any type of weather seals. Is there any amount of resistance to dust/dirt/moisture?? Thank you!!!
  6. Thank you very much for the link!!! I never heard of them before, but they have a lot of very useful information (and entertaining, too).
  7. ​Well, the price is easier to look at than the other choices I've been seeing.....I'll check it out, thanks!!
  8. Ebrahim, I think you summed up my situation quite well -- the right tool for the job! Unfortunately, DSLR/mirrorless aren't going to get me there..... I have been looking through camcorders, but having a hard time settling on one -- need more time searching. I really want to have easier to access manual controls -- I despise going through digital menus to change manual settings. Lusting after the D810??? Sure, who wouldn't be?!?!? LOL!!! For my use, the D4s would be a downgrade, and the D810 is really the only body Nikon has right now that would suit my still photography needs, and I may buy one later this year anyway -- I would put it to work as a stills camera, I just won't be relying on it for video, thanks to the very helpful people in this forum! IronFilm, the D750 is looking a bit better with some of its features. Maybe someday Nikon will catch up with other manufactures in the video department. Thanks again to all the helpful people on this forum!!!
  9. I was just checking out the NX1, which I hadn't even looked at before. It is impressive, especially for the money. DigitalEd, your videos are excellent!
  10. Everyone, thank you VERY, VERY much for the posts and information!!! I had hoped the technology had progressed faster, making the video built in to the stills equipment more usable for my applications, but, doesn't look that good... ​I seriously consider the D750, but I work outdoors in very nasty conditions (sand, dust, rain), and was concerned the weather seals were not as good as the D810 level. I know Nikon's official word is "weather seals are weather seals, they are all the same," but I trust those in the industry who say the D3/4 line have the best protection. I have been waiting for the D4x to come out, and guess I will be waiting for quite a bit longer LOL!!!
  11. I have extensive experience with stills (my username ;)), but am beginning to venture into video, too. My current Nikon DSLR (D3x) and backup (D2Xs) do not have video, and I am considering purchasing a DSLR or mirrorless system which has video. For DSLR, I'm looking at the Nikon D810 -- for mirrorless, the Panasonic GH4 (although, I really like the Sony a7ii, but have read reviews that say its video is not so hot). I have a few basic questions to start..... Autofocus -- Can the autofocus systems on the DSLR's/mirrorless effectively track moving subjects?? Such as at a brisk walk, 15mph, and/or about 25mph?? My subjects will be moving, and while I think I would be fine with a walking speed and the focus peaking with the GH4, I don't think my manual focusing would keep up with faster movements. Zooming in/out -- Is zooming in/out while recording video with DSLR/mirrorless systems now standard?? Or are there limitations?? Image Stabilization -- I have a consumer level camcorder (Canon Vixia HF S100) which has IS and I can do passable hand-held clips using it. My main Nikon lenses I use for stills are the 70-200 2.8 VRII and 24-70 2.8. Does the VR on the 70-200 (let's say on the short end, 70mm) offer good stabilization results for hand held video?? Are the IS Panasonic lenses better or worse the the VR Nikon lenses?? I appreciate any and all help -- thank you very much!!!!
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