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  1. Also, an overwhelming majority of the views come from a very small percentage of videos. I read somewhere that over 99% of all videos on youtube have fewer than 100 views. In theory, google could easily identify the top 10,000 channels (which would probably cover the majority of views site wide), hire 1,000 employees, assign 10 channels to each employee, and then sell ads against the channels that make sense to sell ads against. Of course that will never happen, because the whole point of google is to automate human workers out of existence, even if humans could obviously do a better job
  2. I can't believe it took this long for advertisers to realize that it's risky to serve your ads up next to random, user generated content. Of course there are going to be awkward placements. Advertisers are very sensitive about associations with their brands. Glen Beck was fired from Fox News because he lost all his advertisers, and the same thing is happening to Bill O'Reilly night now. Tune into any number of popular Youtubers and they say stuff waaay more controversial than O'Reilly or Beck. No one should be surprised that Tide Dish Detergent doesn't want anything to do with Pew Die Pie. As
  3. Yeah, I'd like to see how small can they make the GH4. My only issue with cameras like that is the battery life.
  4. Panasonic is doing some really cool things, but I feel like their lineup isn't fully realized. The GH series is awesome, obviously. And the new Varicam has features that have simply never existed before, like a sensor with 2 native ISO ratings. All the technology is there. All they need to do is fill out the middle of their line-up. This is what I'd love to see from Panasonic: Tier 1 - DSLR style B Camera - GH4 - It already exists. It's awesome. It's the only DSLR that I don't actively hate shooting with. It's got 4k internal, a super versatile mount/sensor combo, v-log, it can fill the memory
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