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  1. I found this today, I think it's great:
  2. I know it's hard to spend the money a Macbook Retina costs, even more if you compare it with a similar PC. But if you use FCP X all the money is well spent!!! If you are a Premiere guy, get a PC!
  3. I dream of a world of standards! Adapters are nice, but no adapters is and will always be better!!! Panasonic making a camera with Canon EF mount seem easy to us, but I don't think it was.
  4. Some people seems to not have read the article at all or just some lines. Andrew's proposal is great, makes a win win situation for everyone. It only makes sense if Panasonic operates all points. A 4K Super 35 or a 6K m43 makes no sense. It's the 6K Super 35 AND 4K m43 which makes sense. I don't know if it's doable, but it surely makes sense!
  5. Put it this way, if they agree your choice was right. If they don't agree find another way to start your doc, those words werent's meant to be there...
  6. 450€ for the anamorphic, 200€ for the diopter. 600€ both.
  7. We talked about everything except maybe the most important!!! A Panasonic with a Canon EF mount!!!
  8. Get an Helios 44 lens + adapter for your 7D and forget about RAW, Magic Lantern and other technicalities!!! 30$ best spent in your life!!!
  9. Varicams are great cameras and this new entry will probably be great too. Most great looking films shooted on ARRI could haven been shooted with a Varicam and look just as good. The fact, though, is they choosed other brands. Even a great selling cinema camera, I don't think sells in the thousands, but most in the hundreds. So Panasonic made a big investment on the high-end that didn't pay off, yet. My opinion was just that it seems better to do a path from the low-end to the high-end. And maybe to have the Varicam team talk with the GH/AF team would help too. I hope Panasonic listens to
  10. IMHO, most films are shot on ARRI (because people were making movies with ARRI cameras from a long time) or RED (because they "invented" RAW for video + high resolution and high fps). Panasonic is trying to enter this market from the top without ever succeeding. Maybe it would be easier to make a next-step camera for GH4 users, so trying to arrive to the top from building a base of users at the bottom. I would have gone from the 1200$ GH4, to a $5000 one, then this 18K$ and finally proposing a great all-out cinema camera. Hope my english is clear enough...
  11. It's a bit half baked at $18K! Panasonic should have built a FS5/7 answer first.
  12. The Samyang 14mm can be cheaper and wider than most vintage lenses!
  13. I'm sorry to tell you that even in the "theatrical environment" there is a lot of variables, first one, the brightness!!! ;-))
  14. Nowadays tolerances are tighter. NTSC was called Not Twice the Same Color. By calibrating you bring your own monitor(s) to the correct colors as much as possible. At least you can color correct with a minimum confidence that what you see is more or less true. If someone has a tablet that gives too much blue, they will be used to it, anyway. It's not our problem!
  15. http://www.xrite.com/i1display-pro I have a MacBook Retina and an old Dell 23", they match pretty well after calibration. I am waiting for a cheap but good 4K monitor to buy someday soon!
  16. Let's hope they find a way. It's easy to analyze things after they happened, it's incredibly difficult to keep in business in the technonology field!!!
  17. Imho, this is the exact problem! But VR will probably be a failure outside the game industry. 3D didn't caught because you needed to put eyeglasses, I can't imagine milions of people buying big VR sets... And I hope they make great drones, but great drones are already being made and have sold in milions figures. Let's hope they can save themselves with Cineform!!!
  18. Who knows?? Probably not. Drones are much more about flying electronics than about camera quality. DJI flies really well and it's pretty reliable. GoPro has to prove a lot of things. Plus they have been talking like two years of drones and haven't produced one yet. GoPro lost the low-end and never aimed at a high end. Then the company arrived to 1500 workers, a bit too much??
  19. The LX100 is a great little camera. Only problem with mine is that when I attach a ND filter, it gives me Zoom Error and I have to start the camera several times before it opens the lens and starts. Do this happen to anyone else??
  20. That's so true, we need a new Iscorama lens set. For people who work alone and don't have a team of assistants, to have a couple of lenses, like a 35mm and a 100mm 1.79x anamorphic with f4 (f2.8 would be better!) would be really nice. A couple of lenses that when mounted on a Sony A7R/S II can give you 95% of the coverage needed...
  21. We should this often, but without the grade. Just a couple of frames!
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