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  1. What Gregormannschaft said. I prefer the non "Watchover" parts and you did great with people!!! With my Canon 7D it took me a couple of months to take nail focus with the rear LCD. But now with the LX100 and 4K, I lose a few clips to slighty unfocused clips, that don't show well on the rear LCD. I want an Atomos or something! 4K and FF are much worse, so you really need a monitor and manual focus to do what you want.
  2. I am FCP X and El Capitan, but I am studying Resolve, to do everything there.
  3. I would make the SSD internal, but without a GPU, you'd better use proxys. Macs are expensive in general, and Macbooks even more, but you need the GPU, and even more with Resolve.
  4. We probably have developed an optical memory. It's like a shot with a Tilt-Shift lens that looks like a miniature.
  5. Check your levels. Clipped whites on a big screen are not pretty!!!
  6. This weekend I followed a two-day course on Resolve. When you work with RAW or good ProRes files, you can't appreciate h264 the same! ;-)
  7. From the GH-4R specs: "4:2:2 8-bit / 4:2:2 10-bit (When 4:2:2 10-bit mode is selected, it is not possible to record motion picture or still picture on the SD memory card in the camera unit.)/Auto / C4K / 4K / 1080p/Information display ON/OFF (selectable)/Automatic down-conversion (4K --> 1080p only)" So paired with a BM VA 7" it should work?? 4K 4:2:2 10bit??
  8. BM has all the right ingredients but the cake never cames right!!! ;-)
  9. Come on, there will be an app. There is an app for everything!!! ;-D
  10. If there is a field where 4K makes sense 100% is in drone work. I wouldn't loose time with the BMMC, imho.
  11. It could even end in a preset, in between the Beach Sunset and the Autumn Leaves, the Welding in Workshop!!!
  12. That's the reason people make tests. First stick to rules, then go wild. First WB manually, then try going over/under. Nobody makes art with a preset.
  13. Cameras can cost from $20 to $200.000, can you be more precise on your question?? How much money you want to spend?? What kind of shooting do you want to do??
  14. I have the same problems/ideas. I am more oriented for a VA 7 or a Atomos.
  15. Yo no necesito una versión Cinealta, yo quiero una versión Cinebarata! ;-DD
  16. You are right, I am for light/cheap equipment because my fees doesn't allow for more. But with 4K I realize that you need a nice LCD monitor to get focus right.
  17. Thanks to everyone! And the https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicmicrostudiocamera4k ??
  18. In the "flame" (pun intended) of cheaper/better external recorder, which is the cheapest way to feed them with a 4K/10bit camcorder??
  19. The Craft Camera is a great promise, let's hope it turns into reality!
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