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  1. Yes Xavier, it is really what I have decided to do. Thank you! Now I hope it arrives soon Have a nice day.
  2. At the end I bought the FZ1000 because I was really attracted by the flexibility and overall good quality (both photo and videos). I think the price/performance is really unbeatable and I need the long reach. I will use it for some time so I will better understand what I really miss in my daily use (if I will miss something ). Thank you all for your precious support and advices.
  3. Thank you mercer, for motivating me on the FZ1000 ;-) and G7. G7 with speedbooster XL seems really a good bargain. @frankie Ok I got it, thank you @M Carter Interesting cheap lenses approach, thank you!
  4. Thank you all. I think that colors and quality of LX100 and FZ1000 are comparable (LX100 should be a little better due to sensor size). So probably I will get samsung nx1 equipment and try to forget the convenience of FZ1000 (or I will by FZ1000 as a separate vacation tool). Thanks Frankie for your lens suggestions. Are you using sigma 18-35 and other lenses with Nikon mount and adapter right?
  5. Thank you mercer for your reply, you are really helpful. Just to start, I thought to buy samsung 85mm 1,4 for portraits (or samyang 85mm 1,4 to save some money). I'm still thinking about wide angle lens. I thought a lot about GH4 but the smaller sensor is what leave me some doubts, expecially for what concerns stills and portraits. GH4 can do anything but the overall cost to reach some performance in stills seems too expensive for me (speedbooster + voightlander for example). Do you thing pairing FZ1000 is too hard with NX1? NX500 it is a really nice camera with same mount, but I also like th
  6. Hi to everybody, I'm going to upgrade my gear (an old canon 600d with some EF-S lenses) and after reading a lot of reviews I'm still not sure what to buy and I'm here to ask you an advice. I'm searching an hybrid camera (photo, video) system because I wanna shoot mainly videos but also I wanna catch good pictures. My first choice was Samsung NX1 but I was also really impressed by Panasonic FZ1000 long zoom and macro capability. At the price of a lens I can buy a complete versatile camera with a not so small sensor. I know they are different beasts, but do you thing this could be a good couple?
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