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    icarrere reacted to webrunner5 in ENTRY VIDEOS: Find the best video quality for under $200 - fun EOSHD Challenge   
    It is kind of so bad it is great. I really like that look. That was about the best a "Normal" person could do 30 years ago. And everyone Then thought it was great! Things don't have to be perfect to be interesting. I think we spend Way too much time looking for perfection. Well done.
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    icarrere reacted to BTM_Pix in EXCLUSIVE: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K gets Time of Flight Autofocus with Prototype add-on   
    Another quick and dirty demo just so you know that I'm not sat on my arse not getting on with it.
    This is brought to you via the medium of a family pack of Golden Wonder crisps and a microwave to illustrate fast snap between points and also continuous refocus as the king of low cost potato snacks approaches and retreats.
    It is using an Olympus 17mm f1.8 lens wide open.
    There is no ramping set but as with the 3C app this will be an adjustable parameter.
    NB. I was not preparing to put the Leica and those pickles in the microwave.

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    icarrere reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    This can be set to be the equivalent of back button focus so it can be momentary and only active while you have the controller wheel pressed in.
    When released, it detaches and you can use the manual focus wheel or just leave it parked until you engage it again etc.
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    icarrere reacted to andrgl in Making Money on YouTube for Idiots (Me) 2019   
    Last year my main channel made about 60k USD. No YouTube ads, strictly affiliate pay from having viewers click a link to my site and then from there visit a merchant like Amazon, Walmart, etc.
    Here’s my deepdive answer:
    I make product reviews in low competition niches. The videos have ridiculously high production value and tend to outrank any competitors for ~2-3 years on search and autoplay list.
    So on average I make about 4K a month, but that doubles or more around November and December.
    This year revenue is down as my older videos lose rank and I’ve been slowing down on producing more content. I could wind up making half of what I did last year if I don’t start uploading more videos.
    Today I build sets and furnish them using free stuff I get from kijiji or craiglist. I made modular flats with double sided walls (tile one side, wallpaper other side) and can build a room with windows and a door. I have props for a kitchen, bathroom, office and workbench. I can also kinda make a living room.
    I currently use an FS5.2 and A6500 with Sigma 18-35 and 50-100 glass. I use a 5-axis Kessler Crane Second Shooter for camera control. Lighting is mostly from Aputure: C120Ds, LS1Ss. I also have a number of Quasar tubes with Kino housings.
    I shoot 4K raw at either 30 or 120fps and upload  4K30. Edit using DaVinci. Motion graphics are done on After Effects. Sound and VOs are captured on a Blue Yeti with me covering myself with a heavy blanket while sitting on a super thick carpet. Voiceovers are heavily processed in Audition.
    I wrote all the code for the website myself. The only expense is paying for the domain name. Each niche subdomain is hosted on a Google App Engine project which reduces my overall traffic and allows me to squeak by on the fee tier. YouTube is used for the video hosting. The web scrapping is done on a free tier Google Compute Engine project. I use Sikuli to grab prices from websites I don’t have API access to and google search cache as a backup. Google Sheets is used as a GUI for the database, which a python script accesses to generate a flatfile DB and then is uploaded to the appropriate GAE project every 24 hours.
    Long story short, I don’t use Wordpress with plugins. I use Google servers with custom code to have a lighting fast website, so people are more likely to use the website and click my affiliate links.
    But more importantly:
    Is this a viable route for you to make money on YouTube?
    Sure, I guess. At this point 7ish years in, I’m bored of making these videos.
    It took probably 4 years to turn a profit with my most recent gear purchases. I’ve spent a lot on equipment to keep my interest.
    Lately it’s way too much fucking work. It was nice proving this could work but I work a full time job that pays me way more money.
    There’s no way for me to replace myself and earn a revenue as whoever I teach will inevitably just strike it out on their own.
    I tried to help my last GF to make her own content: makeup, handbags, etc... big mistake. I don’t recommend mixing work with friends.
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    icarrere reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Ah OK, I thought you meant the camera.
    A lock mode on the unit is easy enough to implement.
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    icarrere reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Small Bluetooth remote Record/Stop button controller with screen to provide real time status from camera of :
    Aperture Shutter Angle ISO Temperature Tint Integral bright LED illuminates to show record status.
    Kickstarter in August.
    Price will be €60
    Production version will not be orange.

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    icarrere reacted to SR in Zoom F6 - game changer?   
    "If you're recording in 32bit, you don't need to set gain at all." - Watch from 3:00 to 4:00.
    Okay, I didn't even know this was possible. The rep compares it to a raw photo.
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    icarrere reacted to Novim in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K gets BRAW in extensive FFPGA hardware update delivered via software   
    Perhaps not a full stop, maybe a half or 2/3 of it in my testing of BRAW in the last couple of days.
    And to add, it seems to me that people who criticise BRAW - in the sense whether it is RAW or raw etc. - among other things forget that BRAW is also meant to be (post)processed in the DaVinci Resolve at the first place, where this new codec - which would evolve in time to come - shows as a very robust for grading. For me, it is gradable as much as cDNG, not to mention that it is more efficient for memory cards and computers. So far I wouldn't complain, and it is still posible to roll back to the 6.1 version with cDNG, if anyone needs so.
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    icarrere reacted to BTM_Pix in 3C Cinema Camera Controller App for Pocket 4K - OFFICIAL LAUNCH   
    I would say that your details are very secure with the Play store.
    If you are in any doubt at all though, you can either buy a Play store voucher from PayPal which will give you a degree of separation or buy a Play store gift card from a physical shop.
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    icarrere reacted to kye in Blackmagic Design Announces New URSA Mini Pro G2   
    I agree.  Having the tech just work and get out of the way is the ultimate situation.  We're making art after all, the last thing we need is to be trying to also deal with the technical stuff at the same time.
    I really think that BM are playing the long game and have set their vision to be really high and are making bold steps to get there.
    Some fun facts (via wikipedia?
    DaVinci had been making colour correction systems since 1985 Resolve was released in 2004 BM bought DaVinci in 2009, at which time Resolve was selling with dedicated hardware solutions for $200k-800k 2010 they released a software-only version for $995 and the hardware version dropped to $30k 2011 they introduced a free version 2013 version 10 introduced video editing 2014 version 11 introduced audio mixing to complete it as a stand-alone NLE 2016 BM buys Fairlight and version 14 includes an integrated version of it 2018 version 15 includes a version of Fusion That is a pretty spectacular timeline.  In a decade it went from being $200-800K with hardware and colour only to having free, software-only versions available, and integrating world-leading colour with editing, audio, and VFX functionality.
    Hardware is obviously more difficult to make those kinds of advances on, but the original BMPCC and now P4K kind of fit that description.  I remember Elon Musk talking about reducing the cost of things by 90% and that idea of radical change seems to also be occurring here.  Other vendors don't seem to really be dancing to the same tune.
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    icarrere reacted to A. L. in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    Shot this video using GHaV3 Lut on GH5s. 
    Followed the guides in the documentations, just drop the LUT in the timeline and tweak the mid-tones, shadow and highlights as suggested.
    I'm loving the colors!
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    icarrere reacted to andrew_dotdot in Fuji X-T3 / X-T4 sticky topic   
    It makes more difference if you have a lot of motion and/or a lot of detail in the footage. I never want to see a compression artifact if I can help it. That said, I’ve had really good results with 200 Mb/s, too.
    For me, though, the revolution has really been the 10-bit color.
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    icarrere reacted to BTM_Pix in My New Pocket4K Android App   
    A quick rough output of the app doing zoom/focus control of the cheap and less than stellar and not in any way par focal Panasonic 14-42mm lens on a Pocket 4K.
    Video shows servo zoom, snap focus between two memory points and transition between two memory points.
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    icarrere reacted to jpfilmz in Black Magic Pocket OG 2019   
    It still produces a great image.  Below is RAW 12bit upscaled to 4k in davinchi resolve.
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    icarrere reacted to kye in Giving the BMPCC4K the same look as the BMPCC and BMMCC   
    In my searches for vintage lenses to make my GH5 more organic looking I came upon the Contax Zeiss lenses, and then yesterday I found this video...
    It's basically the dream team of organic classic aesthetic - Contax Zeiss primes, BMPCC, Metabones SB, Tiffen Variable ND.
    Personally I think one of the lenses is a bit soft for my tastes, but overall it isn't bad.  [Edit: actually I think the softness is a combination of missing focus and stopping down too much, so not the lenses].
    I've seen better BMPCC videos (lots of talented people used that camera) but overall it should be positively dripping with the look we're chasing.  
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    icarrere reacted to webrunner5 in Giving the BMPCC4K the same look as the BMPCC and BMMCC   
    Well sure, I think to stand a chance, the PK4 has to be shot in 1080p. I really believe that is why Arri never really wanted to go all the way to 4K on the Alexa is because it would have been too sharp. And I think the new Arri's have lost their signature look to be honest. I really have never like the Red output as of late. Too good. Even the original Red One looks better than the Red One Mysterium X. Same camera, so called better sensor, and it was DR and noise wise, but not looks wise. More resolution is not Always a good thing for a film look.
    But for Music videos, Doc, Interviews the PK4 is a Lot better than the OG BMPCC. And lets be honest that is where your money is if you are trying to make a buck. The PK4 is a great camera, it is, maybe amazing, but not for a grungy looking old school look. Nothing wrong with that. You can't have everything in one camera. The old no perfect camera thing. But 98% of the people will never know it. So the camera is a winner IF you can get one of them LoL. But sure I hope we all learn something here in this thread. Knowledge is a good thing. And maybe I will be proven wrong. Has happened a couple of times LoL. ?
    I am sure this can be done pretty close. Look how good @icarrere did with his GH5. There are parts in it where you could believe it was shot on the old BMPCC.  He did a good job giving it an old time look. But it IS in 1080p. Probably one reason it looks so good, ehh to some bad LoL.
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    icarrere got a reaction from matthere in Japan anamorphic travel video   
    GH5 and Iscorama pre36. The way I saw Japan in  a 9 days travel.
    Thanks to webrunner 5 for his help.
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    icarrere reacted to kaylee in Fstoppers moved to Puerto Rico. Have you had the desire to move?   
    i did move!
    ive spent most of my life living in southern california, san diego and LA, surrounded by tons of people, traffic, all that. lived in NYC too.
    i moved to the mountains to a small town of less than 3000 people, and i LOVE it. so good for my mental health!
    ive done my time in the cities! so happy to be gone, the view out my window is WAY better

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    icarrere reacted to webrunner5 in Japan anamorphic travel video   
    Wow you put your GH5 to good use! That is great. And not a lot of Slo Mo LoL. Glad it worked out. Boy too many people there for my liking. Not a fan of big cities, but a great place to shoot though. I really like what Ming Thein can do photo wise in big cities. He has the eye for it.
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    icarrere got a reaction from webrunner5 in Japan anamorphic travel video   
    GH5 and Iscorama pre36. The way I saw Japan in  a 9 days travel.
    Thanks to webrunner 5 for his help.
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    icarrere reacted to PannySVHS in Shooting with the Panasonic S1 in Barcelona   
    @Andrew Reid Hey Andrew, great interview. I really like the introduction. Awesome that you had a such an open talk and constructive  time with the Lumix S1 team and its leading gentleman. The current codec choices are Lumix G7 territory, which would not make me consider to buy this camera. I hope for GH5 codec choices, ALL Intra included and full VLOG. Then this would be my first full frame video/cinema camera. All full frame GH5 with full VLOG and without artificial sharpening and good battery life- here is my money! For now these codecs area available, which give Lumix G7 and GX85 quality.

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    icarrere reacted to BTM_Pix in My New Pocket4K Android App   
    Whats that ?
    You want to be able to wirelessly view the live video feed from the Pocket 4K while controlling it like you can with all those other cameras?
    There is no app that can let you do that with a Blackmagic Cam....

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    icarrere reacted to DBounce in DJI Osmo Pocket Sample Footage   
    We recently got a couple of DJI Osmo Pockets and decided to have a play while on holiday vacation in the mountains. Here is some footage and a brief impressions video of this tiny camera.
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    icarrere reacted to Ehetyz in 1984-style dystopian Music Video shot on UM4.6K   
    Here's a new music video I directed, shot, graded and edited recently, for the Finnish punk/thrash metal band RiESA (Loosely translates to Burden). It's in Finnish, but I find it quite interesting even if you're not well versed in Finno-ugric languages. Their new album is a concept album, depicting a protectivist, totalitarian state controlled by a single dictator, and led by fear and propaganda. This gave us a nice opportunity to play with some 1984-like imagery and I'm quite happy with the end result.
    We did the video in essentially two days, with one day spent building the sets (the whole thing was shot in a basement of a local office) and one day of shoot. The interrogation room was mostly lit with practicals, with fluorescent tubes on the background and some IKEA spotlights lighting the posters. Only cinema lights used were two Aputure LED panels with diffusers used as fill lights. The jail cell was lit with one overhead 300W Fresnel and a 650W fresnel right outside the door to give us some heavy volumetric light. The propaganda scene was done simply with a home theatre video projector playing a video loop I prepared beforehand.
    I shot the whole video using modern EF lenses but with a Cokin P Pastel filter. It's one of my favourite diffusion filters as it gives a gorgeous bloom effect on light sources without eating too much into microcontrast or fine detail. You can see this if you watch the video in 4K, some of the skin detail is pretty astounding imho. And, not to sound like a Blackmagic fanboy, but I have to say the Ursa Mini delivered in spades, again. It's a fine workhorse. Visually the biggest downside is the youtube compression, which introduces banding, even here where the original image has some added film grain.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and if you guys have any questions about the production I'm happy to elaborate
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    icarrere reacted to webrunner5 in help for traslating a phrase   
    THE VICTORY OF CONCRETE would be the correct English way. But I guess you are referring to the Buildings and Roads being constructed of concrete? Concrete also can refer to a rock solid idea or effort etc..
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