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  1. Take a look at this watermarked online screener. https://indee.tv/
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Tectra-DMW-BLC12-Batteries-Panasonic-DMC-FZ1000/dp/B078C57VM4 I have been using these Oem DMW-BLC12 batteries and tried charging with power bank. No issues so far. The battery drains as fast as the original sigma ones from the box ( < 1 hour ).
  3. Just curious which model of Samsung T5 are you using. It says "Note: Only 1TB and 2TB can be used in combination with SIGMA fp." in Sigma official website. https://www.sigma-global.com/en/cameras/fp-series/accessories/#acc_recommend
  4. Thanks! Any suggestion would be great!
  5. Shot this video using GHaV3 Lut on GH5s. Followed the guides in the documentations, just drop the LUT in the timeline and tweak the mid-tones, shadow and highlights as suggested. I'm loving the colors!
  6. Thanks... I used the main GHa workflow. The film lut used was for arri rec709, that flatten the image a bit. Looking to try out the next video to see the full color range of GHa conversion ?
  7. My recent trip to Guilin China, shot on gh5s and color graded using the latest Verde version with overlay of ImpulZ film lut ? loving the colors.
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