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  1. Here's some Pocket 6K footage.
  2. @Sage Just checked the GHa thread and noticed you released this P4k version, awesome! I just grabbed a P6k last month and have been excited about this. I know you're still working on that version, but in the meantime I'll test it out on the 6k for fun. From what you've seen using the P4ka on P6k footage, any tips on how to make the most of it or get it as close as it should be in your eyes?
  3. Here's a fun one. Using GHAlex on Mavic Air D-Cinelike to match GH5S V-Log. ? These clips were actually shot on different days too.
  4. Nice, I recently shot a similar scene with a cheap Neewer LED (blue gelled) bounced off the ceiling and an LED stick inside the window. Face was just lit with the phone! Loving the GH5S, this was shot at 5000 ISO. Grading started with GHAlex and then a bunch of other adjustments as you can see. ?
  5. 90% of the time I'm shooting 2x anamorphic these days, yet I never got around to trying 6K mode... mostly because I record to an Atomos, but I was also concerned 4:2:0 color wouldn't give the best GHa results. Now that I've switched to GH5S that's out of the question anyway!
  6. "6K" mode limits you to 4:2:0 though. Is the little extra resolution worth it?
  7. Speaking of, I just picked up a GH5S and I'm glad to hear it has an OLPF. I took it out over the weekend with my anamorphic setup, here's a couple of stills (Alex I think you've seen these on Facebook with a slightly different grade, but these here are straight GHa).
  8. Thanks! Alex makes it easy! And his latest tip came from the GH5 Facebook group. Tiffen of course makes a bunch of filters, the pro mist filters probably being their most popular. But they also have a “Digital Diffusion” filter that comes in different densities. It softens fine texture without overly blooming light (halation). Alex suggested trying the Digital Diffusion in the 1 density. It’s subtle, but sort of emulates that olpf look. I’m sure he can explain more, but have a look at this video: https://vimeo.com/162597544/description
  9. No olpf blur on these. Just quick color tests to see how much I could save this random GX85 video. On a related note, I've gotten my DD1 filter and will share some GH5 results later, but so far I've noticed a nicer texture, however it adds quite a bit more flaring to the image.
  10. Wanted to share more GX85 Cine-D samples. It's fun to carry around with the 14-42mm pancake for impromptu video when I'm not using it for photos. Additional coloring was done on top of GHa.
  11. I've been carrying around my little GX85 w/ Oly pancake zoom more often for casual photography, and the occasional impromptu video. Who needs a "Pocket 4K" when you can have a Pocket Alexa! ? But really, it fits in my pocket. Bottom screen grab has GHAlex with some additional grading. It works miracles on this "hacked" Cine-D at like f/20.
  12. That looks great @deathly_twig, I had a similar idea recently. It turns out you can "hack" the GX85 to enable Cine-D which was hidden in the firmware. I originally wanted one as a backup camera for photography, but the video on this thing ain't too bad, albeit 8-bit. So I picked up a used one for 300 bucks. The 16mp sensor may give it an edge in low light too? This is at 800 ISO. 8-bit PRE + Cine-D to V-Log PRE + GHa Main + luma adjustments:
  13. I agree, while I've been getting acclimated with grading GH5 footage and following your advice I've always kept it under 75. Loving the results. Now I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone and experiment with new looks, so adding this Linear option to V3 is a nice push. Hoping to shoot my first real dramatic short next month. From the grade I'm imagining in my head, I'll probably stick with <75, but either way I'll be using GHa!
  14. @Sage Re-graded with V3! I decided to try out Linear (GHa3-L ?), and tweaked the luma to compliment. Otherwise, the rest of my same grade from the 1st video is on top of GHa. I like the added contrast in this version!
  15. Thanks! I ended up playing a bit more with the grade when I uploaded the video (below) using v2.2 as base last weekend. Although the above screenshots are from Resolve today, the final video was edited in Premiere and as I mentioned in the comments: "I always start with GHAlex as a base, followed by FilmConvert dialed down a bit. Then it's just experimenting in Lumetri for an overall grade, and adjusting luma on individual clips to get consistent exposure." I'm limited in resolution with the free version of Resolve, but I may just have to make the switch and get the full version!
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