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  1. I was thinking about that too. However, it's not likely for my case. I asked the person I bought the lens from, he told me it was just like that when he originally bought it. Maybe other Cinegon owners could confirm this.
  2. I've just received my second Iscorama Cinegon. The first Cinegon I have I noticed when I rotate the focus ring below 2m it will just fall apart. This doesn't happen to the original Iscorama I have. I thought it was the fault of my Cinegon at the time since its condition was so bad. When I got another Cinegon it's just exactly the same as the first one. It's like you're screwing the front glass out. So, is it normal for the Cinegon version?
  3. I'm getting mine for V1. Will see what V2 looks like before jumping in :)
  4. I saw an ebay seller modified his Iscorama Video Attachement 1.33x to focus less than 1m. No idea how he did it.
  5. I hoped to bid the same listing but totally forgot about that until it had 14 seconds left!
  6. Didn't know Canon produced some scopes too http://www.ebay.com/itm/Anamorphic-lens-baby-Canon-2x-Focus-0-32m-WOW-kowa-8z-16h-iscorama-cinemascope-/111370063839?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_146&hash=item19ee2c4fdf
  7. Just wanted to share my experience with Slow Motion Inc. I sent my Technovision 35mm Anamorphic lens to them to get it serviced and to fix the focus gear. They couldn't make the new part for the focus gear that was broken which is fine. So I let them service the lens as the focus ring and aperture ring were a bit tight. They emailed me the lens has some issues with the PL mount adapter (which was made by Dima in St. Petersburg) that caused the problem so I would never get anything in focus because of the mount. I wasn't clearly understood and thought it was nothing serious. And then the focus gear ring, it was just a bigger version of self-installed gear ring you can easily find on eBay and not seamless gear ring that you would expect from Dima or any other professional lens techs. So I let them remove it since it's useless for me. Then they ship it back. The payment was also painful. I have to print out the PDF form and fill and the info they needed and scan it and then send it back along with the scans of my credit card and passport. Have they ever heard of PayPal or any online credit card system? Anyway, once the lens arrived in my hands. The focus ring moves smoothly as well as the aperture ring which is good. But... I can't get anything in focus! I sent them an email asking why I couldn't get anything sharp with my lens. They replied me with quoted messages they told me earlier that it was the issues with the PL mount from Dima and I have to send it to Dima to fix it. The thing is the lens was totally fine. It took sharp focused footage and I shot a lot with the lens before I shipped it to Slow Motion Inc. I even uploaded some video taken from the lens with the PL mount. Haven't heard any reply from them since Friday. Probably today maybe.
  8. There is no effective way to do that. The squarefront OCT18 lenses are designed to be coupled with their rear spherical backs so the focus can be tuned together. Mounting them with modern still lens will also work but you will lost the single focus mechanism and have some trouble with finding a way to mount it. I've seen some people do that but I don't think it would be so nice to use in a real shoot. And, don't forget you have to focus on both lenses.
  9. Yeah, just get one made. I think Tito has done it before. I actually have one cap here with me but I'd rather keep it for future use.
  10. "I have more pictures that I can link you to via PM." LOL
  11. Hey Tito! Can't wait for the review!
  12. For me, I don't think it worth the investment. Better stick with BMPCC and SB.
  13. I don't really think the price will be decreasing, at least not for LOMO, Iscorama and some other big names.
  14. If I recall correctly the different is just the rear thread size. The S has smallest rear size and then C, D, F and H which has largest rear size.
  15. Chances seem to be low. Instead of looking for the Cinegon version I think you can also look for the 36 version. They seem to have the same 36mm rear glass.
  16. Oh I see. My current battery solution is this 4800 mAh battery. It costs just $21 and comes with a cable but not the one for BMPCC. So bought an adapter like this. Total cost is just $25. It works like charm, keeps the camera for at least 8 hours (on and off between each shoot).
  17. Hi Shane, I have a similar one. How do you connect the USB cable to BMPCC's 0.7mm connector?
  18. Hi Sergey, Those are super amazing stuffs! I'm very very very interested in buying your items but honestly since you're very very slow at replying emails (and sometimes just disappeared) and have a lot of bad reputations at REDUSER.net. I can't really think about buying directly from you. Is there any way you could prove yourself? With all regards!
  19. Pretty good. I have 3 PL adapters from 3 different sellers. The one ciecio7 is the best you can buy and funkykoval2001 is the the second best IMO.
  20. Hi Julian, I have TL installed on my 50D but my card is too small to record 3:2 continuously. Anyway, it looks quite good so far :D Chris, the adapter I'm using is this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/370801963984?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 I sent him and offer of $135 and he accepted it ;)
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