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  1. This is very interesting! Any before and after pics for the glass itself?
  2. Somehow I don't get this. By reducing the length of the scope, I get that it would reduce some amount of the vignettes which means no sides cropping needed, thus more FOV? But then you lose 20% of 2x squeezing factor, that's from 2x to 1.6x. So how could you gain more FOV after losing 20% of the squeezing factor? Any explanation would be great, thank you!
  3. Looking for one if anyone has it for sale πŸ™‚
  4. Sorry I didn't try to focus (at least not from 1.1m to Inf), only checked the FOV. One thing I noticed was that the focus changed, so I had to refocus the FVD-16A again to get a proper focus.
  5. Tried a Canon 0.8x WA in front of FVD-16A. It gives about 15-20% more coverage but very difficult to use. You need a proper support for it since you can't simply clamp on your FVD-16A's front. You will also need to be aware that most FVD extend when focus closer so it will hit your rear WA glass.
  6. Quick comparison on Iscomorphot 16 variations for anyone interested. Best known and most common are the SC version with smaller rear element and amber coating and the MC version with bigger rear element and blueish/purple coating. But there are all kinds of variations πŸ˜‰ 1.) Iscomorphot 16 SC with more cone-like housing and rear thread exactly like MΓΆller 32/2x, 34mm rear element diameter. This one has a front ring designed by Lucas Pfaff and produced by RAF that fits directly into HCDNA 2.) Iscomorphot 16 SC, common housing, purple coating, 34mm rear See our lens test on this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME1p_z1TX40 3.) Iscomorphot 16 SC, common housing but large rear diameter, 42mm with purple coatings 4.) Well known Iscomorphot 16 MC, with large rear diameter (42mm) and blueish purple coatings. Primary flares are non-existent on this one but secondaries are still a lovely blue See Less
  7. Daniel Autenrieth posted this on the Anamorphic Shooter group. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10158722284170792&set=gm.4014224048589203
  8. Sharp and Anamorphic usually don't go well together πŸ™‚ If you're looking for a sharp, single focus, compact anamorphic lens, you may try the Aivascope 1.5x. For 16 and 16mm, I'm not sure if I have ever seen an Iscomorphot 16 2x before. All I've seen are labelled as Iscormorphot MC 16mm 2X just like the one you bought.
  9. EUR 211 is a good price despite some fungus it won't affect the IQ. It's a sharp lens, not so wide but so sharp. If you were looking for the Iscomorphot 8/1.5x as well, this one is a lot sharper but without builtin single focus. It won't give any flares natively but a UV filter should help you add some flares. Happy shooting!
  10. Some 86mm closeup filters should work but they usually come in +1 +2 +3 or +4 strength which might be too much for the lens. To attach one of them, you probably need to get a custom clamp from a local machine shop. One side with 86mm threads or 3 screw holes for holding the clamp to the front of the lens. But believe me, all of these won't worth it. Just sell it or keep it as a (heavy) paper weight and buy a proper anamorphic adapter. Even a Singer/Sankor/Kowa 16-D is still a much better choice. Also, if you haven't, you should watch some beginner videos on Anamorphic on a Budget channel. They should have you get started a lot easier without having to do these trial and error headaches.
  11. My friend did when he was still new to the anamorphic world. He sold it a long time ago. He said the quality was way behind FVD-16A or HCDNA.
  12. I didn't know the Zeiss Ikon 22/1.5x has single focus built-in! Lovely images too!
  13. Check the Anamorphic Shooters group on Facebook. Someone might sell theirs if you offer the right figures. The last time I saw one of them got sold for almost two grands. Keep in mind that you'll need the FVD-35A to avoid vignetting.
  14. Just got one today. Looking to get a proper clamp for mine. I found this on the Anamorphic Shooter group on FB. It doesn't seem to be the one from Rapido. Looks more like redstan but I don't recall if redstan made any of these.
  15. 2X squeeze comes with blue or purple coating. There are at least two housing designs for the 35-J. The front is about 70mm and the rear is about 30mm, a lot bigger than the 16-H. It pops up once in a few years, so you're lucky to find one! Let me know if you want to part it later πŸ˜›
  16. Nice and sharp! I have one on the way but the shape isn't as good as yours. These are really nice gems!
  17. It has rear size of 30mm with 0.5mm pitch. And a single focus anamorphic lens adapter. You'll need a single focus adapter or double focus it.
  18. It won't work. Check the table here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flange_focal_distance
  19. I think I have one, it has blue flare. Nothing special. Kinda small and light weight. If you find a cheap one, just buy it.
  20. I almost get one myself but after seeing the review that it's not IF, I'm officially out.
  21. You can buy a new Aivascope for 2250 EUR from their FB page. I haven't seen anyone selling a used one though.
  22. au8ust

    Mystery lens

    After many years, I found one on eBay again https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wide-Screen-super-MAGNUM-Anamorphic-Lens-super-rare-1-5x-made-in-ENGLAND/254194573211?hash=item3b2f2d5f9b:g:uYAAAOSwKEhchA5h Actually, I was surprised to see myself replying this thread in 2013. I didn't' realize that at first LOL
  23. It looks sharper than most vintage anamorphic out there which is good, at least for me πŸ˜„ What is it like for the focus ring on the Aivascope? Is it buttery smooth like most manual focus lenses or stiff like Rapido FVD-16A?
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