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  1. Thanks Nahua for the input! This is actually the Original Iscorama. I don't recall exactly when it started having the rainbow flares but I somehow recall it wasn't there when I tested it long time ago. My Iscorama Cinegon doesn't have these rainbow flares at all so that made me wondering why it happens. Tito told me it was from the original Iscorama's design. I'm still not sure though.
  2. Not sure when it started to have these wired flare at corners. Anyone knows why and how to fix that? It appears with every lens I tried. The glass looks clean though.
  3. By the way, I just recall I've sent Christopher my Iscorama Cinegon one year ago... I think he's still working on it
  4. Yeah... me too. Luckily I didn't send mine.
  5. Would be awesome if Veydra makes some Anamorphic lenses for S35 sensor.
  6. ​If you are willing to sell yours for half price of the mentioned listing. Please let me know
  7. I owned a similar version with a slightly different squeezing ratio at 1.42x. Felt disappointed so I sold it after awhile. IMO, The Iscorama 36 and the Cingeon are the best so far.
  8. You guys have to see this! http://www.ebay.com/itm/SINGLE-focus-anamorphic-lens-anamorphot-iscorama-kowa-8z-iscomorphot-cinemascope-/111538031181?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_146&hash=item19f82f4a4d
  9. Nope, mine has close focus at 4ft too. But since I asked Christopher to put metric scale I got 1.2m to inf. See more photos here.
  10. I've finally received my lens today! The package arrived in not so good condition. A lot of scratches and tears but the contents inside was packed carefully. The lens and rod support work good. I feel the rod support could work better if it does not rotate easily because the screws aren't so secured. The Iscorama itself has some stiff focus movements around 1.6m - 3m not sure why he didn't fix that. Also he somehow made some scratches on the Iscorama label on the front part of the lens but that's okay. Even though it is a nice modification, if I would have a chance to choose again I wouldn't send my Iscorama to get modded!
  11. Hi rich, What is the thread size for the Tokina +0.4?
  12. Thanks Hans for sharing your story! It's actually not my idea to ship with regular air mail. Anyway, I've just sent Christopher an email that I want him to ship my Cinegon back. Hope he will fulfil my request.
  13. Here is what PayPal says: We're sorry, but this transaction cannot be disputed because it is not a purchase of goods or services. Please contact the recipient directly. :(
  14. It was a regrettable decision that I've made indeed. Now I just hope my Iscorama will arrive in one piece although I know the chance that will happens is so low. When I sent Christopher my question regarding the shipping issue. He simply replied me that since I didn't declare full value of the lens there is no point to ship with registered tracking number. Thus, he just re-shipped it with regular airmail. Well, if he would give it a break and ask me what I want to do I would be more happier but the truth is he left me with no choice at all. Instead, he decided what to do for me. That is really suck for customer service he provided.
  15. Great to know your lens got delivered elubes! I hope mine will be as well. This is probably the first and last time I will have to deal with him. I also have one Cinegon with him which I think I'll just ask him to return it without any touching it.
  16. Okay, so he just replied me that in case of the item eventually lost I'll get refund for the shipping cost which is ... £13.60. How great is that! :(
  17. I sent Christopher at vandiemen the payment on September 13 and he promised he can finish my Iscorama modding in 2 weeks. Up until now I have nothing in my hand! I paid half of the modding price on September 13, and then he finally finished the modding on October 14 (1 month vs. 2 weeks he promised). 5 days later with no single reply so I had to follow up with him to make him reply that he WILL ship my lens on Tuesday, October 21! He sent me tracking information on October 21 which made me happy until I discovered on October 31 that my lens has been returned to the sender on the same they it arrived the destination country... 4 days later, Christopher re-shipped me the lens WITHOUT any tracking number! I had to follow up with him via several emails to confirm the shipment has been dispatched with no way to track where it is. That was after the first shipment has been returned and he still sent me with even worse way. Now my $5200 investment is during its travel with no way to know where it is and when it will arrive or maybe not arrive at all :( The worst part is I can't even open a dispute on PayPal since it has passed 45 days timeframe and even I could I still can't since his invoices were not indicating this is a physical item that is eligible for PayPal buyer protection. I expect Christopher would reply me in next 2 business days if not 4-7 days as he did usually.
  18. comurit, now you got my attention! Will take a look on your thread :) premini, you actually need only the anamorphic lens and attach it to any lens you like. The C-mount lens bundled with most Cinegon has electronic controlled aperture so you can't change the aperture yourself. At least to my knowledge from the current Cinegon I have.
  19. Okay, found a solution. So I just let it unscrewed and then screwed it back with a different position. Didn't work for the first few attempts but worked finally on the 4th attempt.
  20. I was thinking about that too. However, it's not likely for my case. I asked the person I bought the lens from, he told me it was just like that when he originally bought it. Maybe other Cinegon owners could confirm this.
  21. I've just received my second Iscorama Cinegon. The first Cinegon I have I noticed when I rotate the focus ring below 2m it will just fall apart. This doesn't happen to the original Iscorama I have. I thought it was the fault of my Cinegon at the time since its condition was so bad. When I got another Cinegon it's just exactly the same as the first one. It's like you're screwing the front glass out. So, is it normal for the Cinegon version?
  22. I'm getting mine for V1. Will see what V2 looks like before jumping in :)
  23. I saw an ebay seller modified his Iscorama Video Attachement 1.33x to focus less than 1m. No idea how he did it.
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