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    ntblowz reacted to Nautical in Removing internal battery resets EOS R5 overheat timer   
    I am not asking for myself, asking for a friend but is this the kind of eliminator you are not talking about?
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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Removing internal battery resets EOS R5 overheat timer   
    I am absolutely not saying that someone who had an R5 could use a good old fashioned CR2032 battery eliminator in the camera then bring it out through the camera enabling them to provide a switchable power source to it to effectively remove/re-insert it without taking the camera apart each time they want to reset the recovery time.
    I'm absolutely not saying that.
    Someone else might say that.
    But, just to be clear, I'm not saying that at all, OK?

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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in Removing internal battery resets EOS R5 overheat timer   
    "Math Class" on Baidu now has extensive infrared thermometer readings of the camera's mainboard with the back off, showing they correspond closely to the temperature reported in the EXIF data and don't rise above 64C. His next finding is that if you remove the internal battery it resets the so-called overheating limitations. So who is telling the truth now, Canon?
    You can view the most recent findings here by the user "Math Class" (Google translated)
    Read the full article on EOSHD:
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    ntblowz reacted to kye in Editing   
    Just watched this and thought it was really interesting - I haven't seen this mentioned before anywhere.
    I've played with editing to music and was never sure if I should put an edit on the nearest frame before or after the beat, but never thought about moving the edit point deliberately away from the audio queue.
    It was an interesting aesthetic, even through YT compression.
    What did you see?
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    ntblowz reacted to Cliff Totten in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I'm just tired of everybody saying
    "Panasonic is stupid"
    "Panasonic is arrogant"
    "Panasonic doesnt understand how PDAF works and why is great"
    "Panasonic thinks DfD is better than PDAF"
    Ugg....Panasonuc being stuck without PDAF has NOTHING to do with that crap.
    People also make this RIDUCULAS statement"
    "Sony imaging and Sony Semiconductor are two SEPERATE companies.....and Semiconductor has ZERO concerns with the heath or competition if imaging'
    I mean, this one guy told me "Semiconductor just wants to sell sensors, they don't care at all if Imaging dies or not"
    Who believes that??? 
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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I imagine at this point that he's relieved to be running any test that doesn't involve a thermometer, a fridge or an oven.
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    ntblowz reacted to jgharding in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    TBH on the S1H I don't miss the AF now I'm used to it.

    I went back to a C200 a while back, and I was trusting it was AF, and it was actually slightly out through the whole interview. Now I always do that in MF too.
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    ntblowz got a reaction from foliovision in EOSHD testing finds Canon EOS R5 overheating to be fake   
    The recovery time is totally bogus on Canon camera, that one should be totally removed!
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    ntblowz got a reaction from Hangs4Fun in Sony A7S III (Or will it be A7H?) set for July - video specs tease   
    you get banding with slog3 on 8bit
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    ntblowz got a reaction from tyger11 in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    It can do internal 4K60P in 10bit 420 HEVC, which S1 is only 420 8bit internal in 4K60p.
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    ntblowz got a reaction from Emanuel in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    There is also @BTM_Pix AFX for AF boost ...
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    ntblowz reacted to Stanly in Canon silently recalling EOS R5?   
    Same thing here! I will only buy an RF cine camera as an addition to hybrid camera because it's the main tool for what we do, even though we use video cameras for some projects.
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    ntblowz reacted to visionrouge in Canon silently recalling EOS R5?   
    /troll on
    Canon is doing a silent recall, so no one heard or know about...
    /Toll off

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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC   
    You can also use a Tilta Nano wheel wirelessly with it simultaneously too so there are no shortage of options!
    The whole trip from the AFX sensor to the camera via the PBC is around 40-50ms.
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    ntblowz reacted to currensheldon in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    The S1's AF with Panasonic, native lenses (or the Sigma 45mm f2.8, which I have also tried) seemed pretty darn good to me. If the subject is clear and there was decent contrast, it seemed pretty darn smooth to me. Where it had trouble is backlit subjects or scenes with very little contrast. But, at the same time, the EOS R and C200 have failed on me consistently under the same conditions and I've missed shots relying on the AF.
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    ntblowz reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    AF performance differs radically based on lighting. A flatly lit face will track much better than a moodily lit one. Contrasty lighting bit me hard on a C700 shoot, and wasted 5 minutes of valuable setup time wrestling with AF settings. I'm sure it works well for many people and many projects; personally, I'm not ready to give up the level of control I have with a wireless puller.
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    ntblowz reacted to Cliff Totten in Canon EOS R5 overheated in my fridge! After just 60 JPEGs! (4 °C ambient)   
    I refuse to believe Connot would be THIS underhanded. I'm sure it really IS a true heat problem and NOT a software programmed timer. What programmer would do this in the office, go home at the end of the day and still be able to sleep at night? 
    I think the problem is probably with your fridge. There is prolly something wrong with it. Can you test with a freezer instead?
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    ntblowz reacted to visionrouge in EOSHD testing finds Canon EOS R5 overheating to be fake   
    I'm not sure what will be the outcome of all this Canon overheat issue.

    But in any case, it have helped me clearing a lot of so called "opinion leader" / Youtubers and other Facebook group that claim knowing something and analyzing a problem.

    I listen people talking about their oven and explain why a R5 take 2 hours to cool down 😂
    I have witness someone who never touched the camera and able to do a review, holding another body in their hand..
    And when the facts became so obvious, and so their previous statement useless, they just jump to another subject. Their is no correction, excuses or update.

    It shows how today's world is driven only by audience and not facts.
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    ntblowz reacted to Kino in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    Some of the best Komodo footage so far and a great review (aside from the misreading of the Xyla chart):
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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon EOS R5 overheated in my fridge! After just 60 JPEGs! (4 °C ambient)   
    Canon really threw the kitchen sink at the EOS R5 specs sheet. What about the kitchen fridge?
    Canon have stated overheating time limits for HQ video recording in a warm 23 °C room.
    How does the camera perform in much colder conditions?
    Does the EOS R5 still overheat in the Wifi menu in a fridge?
    Or do the cold temperature help cool the camera body, which Canon claims act as mitigation for hot components inside?
    Read the full article:
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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC   
    Who wouldn't be driven to drink trying to make this work?
    On a serious note, the idea of using the bottles (and the shiny marble kitchen surface) in those clips is that the reflections and angles present a greater challenge so is an illustration of how it can work when presented with that challenge.
    1) Yes. There is an adjustable hold and transition time for the AF-C mode.  The purpose of these clips was to illustrate speed and accuracy of target acquisition in both modes. As you can see from the SpiderCal focus chart clip, continuous tracking of moving objects is reasonably smooth.
    2) No, there is no interaction with the screen. Target acquisition is always closest object in a central zone. 
    3) Yes.
    The concept of the AFX is really about expanding the overall focus options that you have rather than being a 100% "always on" continuous autofocus system.
    In this sense, the idea is that it can also be used in addition to and in tandem with with your existing options so its probably worth going through the logic of how that works.
     With AFX set to AF-S mode :
    Pressing the upper trigger on the hand controller acquires focus. Using the joystick up/down on the hand controller controls focus manually. Pressing the screen on the camera activates the camera's internal one shot AF function. Pressing the joystick right activates the camera's internal one shot AF (this is an example as the stick can be assigned to another function such as AutoWB etc) If you have a Tilta Nucleus Nano wheel attached you can use that to control focus manually. Pressing the joystick left switches to AF-C mode With AFX set to AF-C mode:
    Focus is continually adjusted by the AFX Other focus functions can still be used but will be overridden when the AFX detects a change of distance of its acquired object. Pressing the upper trigger on the hand controller toggles between engaging and disengaging AF-C. Pressing the joystick left switches to AF-S mode With these options, you are free to use the AFX as much or as little as you require depending on the scenarios you are facing.
    So you might just use it in AF-S mode to acquire instant focus of the target and then it will leave it locked on that allowing you to then tweak it or move it completely using the joystick on the hand controller or Nano wheel and then use the trigger to acquire the next target as and when you want to.
    In another scenario, like covering an event, you can just put it in AF-C mode and turn it into an autofocus camcorder but, again, with the ability through the controller to instantly regain control of focus without touching the camera.
    Its the dynamic ability to switch these things in and out and use them in combination, or not at all, that, in my opinion, makes it a useful and versatile addition to the arsenal rather than a single magic bullet solution.
    You'll have to wait until October to get a glimpse of that one 😉 
    I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.
    Oh yes....
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    ntblowz got a reaction from BTM_Pix in Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC   
    Really well done!
    Will it work able to on other non BM cameras in the future..?
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    ntblowz reacted to Rob6 in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    I think Canon is just playing it safe so it records consistently in all types of exterior temperatures. I wish they would just let it run as much as it can, but then people would complain that it can only record 20 minutes in 100 F + weather. Haha. I would much rather it run for 40 minutes in sub 100 F weather, but I think this is the only way they can give consistent runtimes which I guess they think matters the most. Just let it do what it run as long as it can given the temperatures, Canon, please! 
    I spoke with Canon CPS guy today and he said he gets at least one call a day about this issue and he said that canon wants them to log anything we tell them especially regarding the R5. They are listening! 
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    ntblowz reacted to mechanicalEYE in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    @Andrew Reid  
    Test this morning - Outdoor temp 77°. 
    Each take was 5 minutes per video clip with a JPEG shot immediately after each clip, then immediately started recording the next 5 minute video clip. 4K HQ
    EXIF data temps:
    Video take 1. - 31 C
    JPEG: 42 C
    Video take 2. - 41 C
    JPEG: 49 C
    Video take 3. - 48 C
    JPEG: 53 C
    Video take 4. - 53 C
    JPEG: 57 C
    Video take 5.  - 56 C
    JPEG: 59 C
    No overheat warning so tried another 5 minute clip with take 6...
    Video take 6. - 59 C  ( threw the overheat warning 38 seconds into the clip )
    Overheat shut down at 3 minutes 19 seconds into the clip, immediately powered the camera on to take last photo... 
    JPEG: 60C
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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC   
    AFX is the long overdue focus control expansion option for our PBC system for BM Pocket4K/6K cameras.

    With AFX and its included handheld remote you can control manual focus of MFT/EF lenses but also operate our newly created Single and Continuous AF modes for the camera.
    These new AF-S/C modes are made possible by the AFX’s integral ToF sensor which constantly measures object distance from the camera.
    As well as allowing you to control focus using the thumbstick and AF-S/C switching, the handheld remote also enables you to map any of the camera controls such as ISO/Aperture/WB etc to five of its hardware switches as well as being able to toggle Record Start/Stop from one of its two finger trigger buttons.
    All communication between the AFX, the handheld controller, the PBC and the camera are performed wirelessly and, as with the PBC, the AFX runs from its own internal battery or USB.
    The AFX will be priced at €199 (plus the cost of the PBC for new adopters) and pre-orders begin next month.
    Here are some basic examples of the AFX in manual focus, Single and Continuous AF modes.
    In AF-S mode, current focus is held until you press the trigger button so is equivalent to half shutter press/Back Focus Button on a regular (D)SLR or mirrorless.
    More to follow as the pre-order date approaches.
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