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    The impact of the sensor working at higher temperatures is that you get more noise and other sensor faults like FPN and dead pixels are more likely to show up. These are the symptoms of sensor heating. We talk about overheating and it's not really because the components will somehow fry, it's just that more heat can change the performance of the sensor. If you were looking for symptoms of overheating (or operating outside of normal temperature range) that's what they would be... Some cameras have black balance features that enable you to set the black levels (and thus the noise floor) and to also re-map dead pixels. Most recommend you do this at the "operating" temperature of the camera. I have been shooting a lot with the Sony F55 a lot. We're shooting day nights at the moment and on the very first setup about 20 mins into our day I spotted a dead pixel. The camera had been on for a while and I hadn't seen it on the two rehearsals we did. After an APR the dead pixel went away. The F55 has a black balance / dead pixel re-map feature they call "APR" and I normally have my assistants have the camera on for 30 mins and then do the APR function once it's at operational temperature. RED have similar issues because their cooling generally isn't as good. On very long takes when their cooling fans wind down for sound, they can often have the sensor temp go above the range specified during their black balance. They have a specific warning for this and their suggestion is to pre-heat your sensor to your normal operating condition before doing a black shading / black balance. The idea is that you're calibrating the sensor for that operating temperature, even if it's higher than normal. Alexa (and Blackmagic) approach it differently. Neither camera has a black balance / dead pixel facility available to the user. Instead they use solid state cooling to maintain the sensor temperature to their ideal operating temperature. It's like a refrigerator with a thermostat on the back of the sensor. They maintain a constant thermal performance and that, along with dual gain architecture sensors is why they both have such large DR (the 2.5K and pocket). JB
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    Marco Tecno

    nx500 4k crop mode

    Still hoping that this mode gets offered for nx1 as an alternative, as well. A sort of digital zooming (and perhaps reducing rs).
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    ​But that's the thing: the dji is crazy heavy Espescially compared to the Movi (although in terms of price range they aren't in the same category). I'll be following MOZA/Gudsen work on a lighter gimbal. I think (like a lot of person actually) that today the gimbals are really split - or should be - between two categories: the one you'll use for you DSLR (which now are super light: NX1, GH4, A7S), and the other ones you'll use for REDs, FS7, Alexa, etc. - which require a much higher carrying capacity. Personally a gimbal that can handle a 2kg camera+lens combo is more than fine for my dslr (NX1/GH4). That should really cover 90% of the amateur/semi pro/dslr needs. And for that I will want the gimbal to be super light and under 1500$ - otherwise I might also be looking into a nebula 4000 and such. However for a heavier camera (RED, etc.) the MOZA isn't compatible. So I think its a shame because then I would have to rent a MOVI. But still have bought a 2K gimbal... And it's also a shame because with all its features (wireless HDMI), and wireless remote for an assistant camera, the Moza has a great potential. But it is either too heavy for DSLR work, or not able to carry heavier cameras for professional work. That being said I really think it's great to see a new competitor with really nice and new features - that is why I will definitely follow gudsen/moza products - but for now will also be looking at defy and such.
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    ​Ah! Good find. I was wondering about that one. That demo video that was posted a while back looked very promising. With a lot of these stabilizers there's some obvious vibe that there's a gimbal involved. Motion looks digitally corrected, it just doesn't 'flow' very well, whereas the Pilotfly had a pretty organic feel to it. Someone should do a shootout and compare some of these things head-to-head. Anyways, for the time I'll hold off on buying one. Like you said, 700-ish... not sure. And there's bound to be more like this out there in the next months, with new features and sub 500 USD pricing. No rush here.
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    Someone should message Samsung and ask them to implement a 2:35:0 crop mode where it only records the image in that ratio. allowing the Camera to have better and more controlled rolling shutter results. Its the same with how the full 4k mode has less rolling shutter over UHD because its not scanning as much of the sensor do to a slight 1:85 crop to the top and bottom. Now image now much better it would be in 2:35? Plus that aspect ratio works perfectly for a lot of filmmakers who'd be cropping their videos anyway. I don't know how to submit suggestions to Samsung on future firmware features but I definitely think this would be a welcomed idea.
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    ​I saved the article as a PDF. You can read it here: boydhobbs.com-Legend of CE Woolman for Delta.pdf
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    Marco Tecno

    NX1 EVF videorecording problems

    For me, the evf button is totally disabled both during recording AND during video standby. If you want to change that, you have to be in still capture mode. If there is a way to have it working during video, please let us know.
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    Good stuff. Gotta love the way the FZ1000 resolves detail in some of these shots without looking like some sort of digital sharpening is going on. Leaves (freeze frame at 1:35, look at all those leaves, it's not all mushy mushy like a Canon would do), stone/rocks (3:26)... Slowmo is pretty great too (like the shot starting around 0:16). Some of the dolly like shots you were trying to pull of worked quite well (1:29 looked like something from Jurassic Park! 3:15: Nailed it!). Also integrated some nice depth layering, making sure most of the time there's object throughout the depth of the frame; creates a more immersive experience. Even over distance, with added motion, like 1:23. The monkey on 4:16 turning his head and then cover the monkey turning his head in the next shot is greatly done (although there's a bit of inconsistency in color, first a contrasty magenta, then a somewhat flat green). Overall there's hardly any moments for me to go 'ai, there's that 1 inch sensor'. FZ1000 really is an awesome travel companion. Lots of flexibility and nice results without weighing down/too much fuss. There's not much to critique, pretty good job, I'd say. Keep it up. Maybe just try to nail levelling that horizon from time to time a bit more. Perhaps could've cut it a bit shorter and leave some footage out. You know people these days, it's hard to keep people's attention for five minutes. But as a personal travel vid, pretty awesome to have and look back on.
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    "Regarding the GX7, I'm not convinced that the ETC mode on that is going to be as good as the GH series. It may be decent but the GH cameras are an entirely different beast. But I don't really have any of the more modern non-GH cameras, such as the GX7, to compare. So, I could be wrong and possibly the GX7 is right up there" Hi Bob, I agree with just about all you say in your posts regarding EM5 II, except maybe with the march of tech. IBIS/heat issues may be resolved in the future. Regarding the ETC feature on GX7, it looks not bad compared to GH4 ... I did a quick & dirty comparison (same lens) of GX7 & GH4 with ETC ON, there's nothing in it really at the similar settings of ... Avchd, 28MBS, 50fps setting in both cameras. Please note these are only frame grabs (GH4 with ETC OFF just for reference) and obviously only tell one aspect of video quality. Still, the GX7 looks good! GH4 1st GH4 2nd GX7 3rd
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    ​It's great work ! Especially considering the price / size of the gimbal. But I still have the feeling that it lacks the natural motion of more expensive gimbals... But maybe I am being too critical I don't know... I can feel the person walking, whereas with a DJI / Movi, I feel like the camera is magically "sliding"/flying...
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    Well, look, I bought one simply because the 5-axis. It will make some specific work I do a bit more practical and faster. That's the bottom line for me, but I think I'm a specific case. Regardless, there is a reason the IBIS is coveted. Even so, I don't see how it would really move the needle of the entire marketplace to preferring 5-axis over great IQ. Moreover, it's probably not something worth worrying about. People that are blindly brand loyal are a weird lot not to be trusted anyway. My 2cents. Obviously, we'd all like great video with 5axis, but I'm guessing for right now we can rely on Panasonic and Sony to deliver IQ before stabilization...and that's even assuming that 5-axis directly affects IQ, which may or may not be the engineering reality. I'll probably buy a Gh4 later this year; heck, right now it's only $100 more than a EM5II...
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    Hi Ed, I don't know how I managed to miss your movie - being an eoshd addict and NX1 owner and all that - It's really great. I love how you twisted the image into fitting your story and not the other way around. The text is really beautiful too. I don't think I'd be wrong if I said that it resonates with most peoples aspirations and dilemmas. It sounds personal, intimate and powerful. Also it makes one think about how we all want the most "filmic" camera but with the cleanest image possible... Well it feels good to see a modern camera deliver such a nice and authentic feeling picture - but oh well I love my NX1 too so I'm not to be convinced of that Anyway it's a great video, just saw you got an article about it on nofilmschool too. Totally deserve it and more ! We'll probably get to talk some more around other geeky topics
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    ​It does look like an interesting combination but personally I find it too heavy :/ (I think it is 3.2 kg with battery / accessories). So add 1.5kg for a decent camera with a nice lens, and it starts being a problem... :/ Unless it is really just a few shots here and there...
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    I would much rather have the smaller one hand held ones posted. If you think about it for $2245 you can buy the Nibula 4000 for $700 and have $1545 left to buy a small 4k camera like the NX500 or Black magic pocket or the other brand coming out should let you use a NX1 or GH4 all for that same price and more easy and less pounds to deal with. Or get the $400 version and a 4k Gopro for $1000 http://copter-rc.com/en/catalog/35-pilotfly-funnygo-bt-3axis-stabilizer-for-gopro-3-4.html I see they have a price now on this new one of $749 was hoping it would be less VS the 4000 http://copter-rc.com/en/catalog/60-pilotfly-h1-microdslr-3asix-stabilizer.html
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    ​Made with the FM Delta Airlines commissioned this piece to help celebrate the spirit of aviation, all the details here: http://boydhobbs.com/delta
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    This is the answer Andrew, a customer feedback. Let's move on man, I do apologize to you again, really sorry!!! I bow to the man with all the power. Thanks for having me on your forum, what else you want me to do.
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    I'm thinking an Oly E-M5 II and my $35 Merlin-knock-off will work good (enough) for me. Will test this out next week. Figure if I'm going to spend $1.5K for stabilization, maybe having a camera that does 80% of the work might be a better bet. I was able to produce simple and short handheld dolly shots with the old M5 just by doing a little tai-chi body control, so I'm encouraged that the new and improved Oly 5-axis will offer capability to elegantly handle more assertive movements. I like the idea of being able to grab steady cam level shots with small and very portable rigging...or no rigging at all.
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