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    As these user names seemed familiar to me, and I felt I had seen useful and helpful post from these guys in the past I decided to see what kind of trouble the were causing. Of baltic's 8 posts I would consider 7 o them to be helpful normal discussions, this being the only exception. And of Nog's 13 posts I didn't find any that were looking to cause trouble, the were all offering opinions, help, or information. This was by far his most troublesome post. Baltic's fanboy comment was out of line and I don't agree with telling someone what kind of videos they should make, but is that single post ban worthy? As for Nog, unless you removed all of his troublesome posts so I was not able to find them he absolutely didn't deserve getting banned for that statement. Do you really feel that is trouble making? I am a huge fan of your site and the work that you do, I check in here almost daily since it is one of the best sources for information on anamorphics which is a large interest of mine. But I have to say that banning these individuals, especially Nog in this way is more damaging for the community than anything they did. Am I missing something here?
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      With all due respect you do not have the full knowledge to make the decisions. You are judging this at surface value. If you want all future conversation on this forum to be drowned out 10-1 by rudeness and trolling, then sure I'll let the people who join only for this reason get away with it!   It isn't about having different opinions. It is really very simply about being polite in the way they are expressed.   Also having a proper track record of constructive posts from the start helps people integrate with the community properly. Those who fall well short of this basic standard at the first hurdle are not welcome here. It is no different to a real life community or a room full of people in a bar.
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    Well, Ebrahim, Thank you for your general life advice, although it felt patronising in parts. but that's fine! A Community is exactly what Andrew has created. I have followed him and enjoyed his reviews since the beginning of his blog. I have also enjoyed some of his shorts and purchased two of his books. I will not denied that Andrew has done a great job. But what I will not accept, is for people to be banned for emitting their opinion on his short film. I don't think they were insulting at all, clumsy at best. I even sensed, taking into account Andrew extensive knowledge, that they were probably expecting something more meaty from him, and that I believe is their right. Some directors, that I hold in high regards, have produced some poor films. I glad they didn't ban me from watching the rest of their body of work. Andrew's action were extreme. We should all learn one pure truth. you cannot please everyone and that's that. Now let's accept it and move on, because the subject of acceptance is wild and wide, and unfortunately only too few really care or respect it. Sorry If offended anyone, but that did make me upset
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    WOW... You removed removed Nog and Baltic. I guess Lincoln was right in that if you want to test a man's character, give him power. I can't talk about over threads, but in this Thread those 2 guys were giving their opinions and frankly I think they had a point. I'm not a fan of that video either, that does not make you a rubbish filmmaker. You just made a piece that some like and some other don't. Please feel free to also remove my account if you also think that I'm causing trouble. You will then just have lost all credibility to me. Regards...
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    Day in Berlin (my view of the city)

    I was on a vacation at Berlin. Wanted to capture some moments from that lovely city by day and night time. Sidenote for myself: don't shoot anythingat the underground stations with a camera, because almost got arrested about that. :l Please check and comment, Thanks!
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    They wouldn't be so rude in person, because most know they would get planted like a brussel sprout. Tough guys on the internet. It's all they have in the world.
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    Evolving Sony A7S Review (Part 1)

    Thanks Erik, I figured the same. Just worried that if/when I would get the Shogun it would still not output 4K in NTSC. I'm gonna try calling Sony and report back. By the way, thanks for all the great info you are contributing on the A7s. We all really appreciate it!
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    Andrew Reid

    Evolving Sony A7S Review (Part 1)

      I agree with this tip Erik, histogram is essential I think in S-LOG. Not the way I usually work, prefer to go by eye but too risky in S-LOG mode to do that off the LCD, it is just too flat. Nice even spread in the histogram is what is needed. Prefer it to zebra because I find if I expose S-LOG for the highlights, when I grade it far too much of the image is pushed into the highs. Don't waste the left half of the histogram by exposing too far to the right.
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      Why are you pixel peeping 720p at 120fps, ISO 12,800?   You know full well that the ultimate quality from this camera is 4K out of the HDMI, or even 1080p full frame mode at 24p.   This was only to demonstrate the creative potential / effect of slow-mo at very high ISOs.
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    I registered an account just to say I'm preparing a project and found this inspirational. And yeah, I want that camera too.
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    Desktop for Editing: Hackintosh?

    Why not just a Windows machine? You will have more hardware choices and it will be simpler i suppose.. My advices: - don't use Administrator account. Create restricted user for everyday work (you will have much more stable and secure system) - don't install any software you don't trust. The hardware: Latest generation core i5 CPU (desktop CPU-s are much faster than mobile CPU-s. i5 desktop is like i7 mobile) - get the cheapest from: http://ark.intel.com/pl/products/family/75024/4th-Generation-Intel-Core-i5-Processors#@Desktop 1x16GB RAM (leave other banks for later upgrade) Cheap motherboard and case (best would be ATX format, but if You like smaller cases: micro-ATX) Well known brand (not no-name) but not expensive PSU SSD Drive (note that bigger capacity means usually also faster speed, but you will be ok with 128GB+) The best GPU you have the money for (optional) If you use software like DaVinci Resolve, You would need second GPU just for UI (cheap card mounted in PCI-Express x1 slot)
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    Nikon D5200 review

    This was shot with a D600 which is most likely worse in 720p and other than the aliasing it looks pretty good...
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    C100 video

    Hey thanks guys!! That was my video :) I seriously love the c100 and yes a ninja makes it a lot better but hauling more to the Alaskan backcounty than needed would not be worth it. Sure there's better cameras out there obviously, but actually getting a camera that makes you get out and shoot is key. For me it's the c100.
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    Erik Naso

    Evolving Sony A7S Review (Part 1)

    Yes the A7s is hard to judge exposure with. I found using zebras is the best way to protect the highlights. If you set them at 100 IRE and you see them adjust your exposure a little until they are gone. The histogram works from left to right as opposed to a waveform. You will know if you're clipping when a straight line on the right starts creeping up. same goes with crushing the blacks but on the left.I cant upload an image so >here is a link
EOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 for Sony cameras
EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony cameras
EOSHD 5D Mark III 3.5K RAW Shooter's Guide

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