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  1. Make sure the camera is in Airplane Mode, if you don't turn it on then it will essentially be broadcasting a wifi signal which helps chip away at battery life. I saw some improvements with this mode ON, but battery life is still fairly short. Another fix that you will have to wait for is if Sony implements firmware to allow the user to switch the LCD off completely, I believe now it is still on but shows a black screen (which does nothing to preserve battery life). Beyond that, buy some spare batteries.
  2. Thanks Erik, I figured the same. Just worried that if/when I would get the Shogun it would still not output 4K in NTSC. I'm gonna try calling Sony and report back. By the way, thanks for all the great info you are contributing on the A7s. We all really appreciate it!
  3. I just got my a7s through Amazon and was shocked to find it was a AP2 version (Asia Pacific - world camera PAL/NTSC switchable). It also arrived without a warranty, CD or instruction manuals ; ( I called Sony up and they told me how to switch the language (I think the default was some form of Chinese, the world clock was set to that time zone by default). Sony also informed me that it was probably a grey market product so it would not be supported if repairs were needed. They offered to register it via phone, but I was wary of keeping it. I did some more research on the interwebs t
  4. I made my first anamorphic purchase with a Kowa 16-H.  I am waiting for Redstan adapters and I wanted to get  some feedback on which taking lens would be ideal with my setup.   I've heard that anything below 80mm will vignetter due to the Kowa's 2x and the mk III sensor size.   For any mk ii / mk iii owners out there... what taking lenses are you using/recommend for your Kowa 2x?
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