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  1. I am indeed! I meant to thank bloggers (including Andrew specifically) for bringing the issue of overheating up so much. The pressure about the timer nonsense forced Canon to change the way the camera monitors temperatures, which is the reason the mod works at all.
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  2. IronFilm

    Aputure 600d vs forza 500

    I would complain
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  3. Well... did you try instead to focus on the BACKGROUND??? Maybe that way it would lock focus on you by mistake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  4. I think it’s going to potentially get interesting when the full lineup of f1.8’s are available; the 24, 35, 50 and 85, the latter of which is now shipping. Hopefully by the weekend for me and then I will know more. A few have reported MUCH improved AF after the firmware upgrade, but they may be smoking something... I really need to experience it to believe it as I’m pretty sure it’s marginal at best.
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  5. Canon EF lenses on an MC-21 Adapter on Panasonic S-series cameras only provide AF-S. There is NO AF-C available using EF lenses on the MC-21, neither when shooting video nor when shooting stills. Maybe if / when metabones comes out with an EF-L mount adapter there will be AF-C available on Panasonic S-series cameras. I only have one EF lens and that is the 16-35 f/4 and it seems to work fine when using AF-S (haven't tried it with the new Ver 1.6 firmware though). Even when shooting video in V-LOG at 24fps (where the Panasonic S1 struggles the most) the AF-S is fine. However, I normally sh
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  6. Nope, but as above, for photography AF, I doubt there would be much in it though the S5 is probably a little slower, but as accurate as CDAF tends to work that way. My own experience of the S5 is just that, it's not lightning fast, but it is accurate. Sports or any fast moving subjects is not really any CDAF lenses forte. Video AF is another matter and the Sony will slay the Panasonic, roast it and eat it for lunch. Every time. I'm running tests right now between the 2 lenses I have and that is the Pan kit lens and it's 'OK' and the Sigma 56mm f1.4 and that one is so far terribl
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  7. herein2020

    Davinci resolve 17

    Ok, now I am truly impressed....you can finally change the timeline resolution after adding clips to the timeline. I know every other NLE could do this years ago, but it was one of my pet peeves with Resolve and they finally fixed it. Also, for some reason it stopped crashing for me, I am now editing entire projects with version 17 Beta and it is back to being rock solid. I haven't had time yet to watch their presentation to see all of the new features, but the ones I've found so far are great.
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