What the Samsung NX1 teaches Canikon

Maker of microwaves, dabbler in tanks, God of an entire galaxy of smartphones Samsung left the camera industry many years ago. So why do I still love the NX1 so much? NSFW as contains occasional strong word! All footage shot on the NX1 by Andrew Reid. Check out my EOSHD Shooter’s Guide for the Samsung NX1 here to get a comprehensive impression of the camera and how to set it up for filmmaking!

The EOSHD Samsung NX1 Setup Guide

Shoot better video with the NX1. One of the most promising 4K mirrorless cameras of recent times, the NX1 combines spellbinding image quality with a rugged body and satisfying ergonomics. To get the best out of this camera for video, filmmaker Andrew Reid has spent 8 months shooting with the NX1 and optimising his camera. This guide is the result.

An update on the NX-L speed booster for the Samsung NX1

(Above, shot on the NX1 & full frame NX-L). The Samsung NX1 is at this moment in time the best value for money 4K Super 35mm camera with the best ergonomics and autofocus. I still end up using my NX1 more than my Sony A6500 and Fuji X-T20, which pale into insignificance vs what Samsung did nearly 3 years ago. Now the NX-L speed booster has developed further since my last article and I’ve been shooting a lot more with it.

Samsung NX1 dead – Samsung customer support & retailers say camera discontinued in Europe

UPDATE – this article only cites one source (Samsung customer support). There are in fact numerous sources all saying the same. See below for the detailed update. Samsung are telling potential buyers in Europe that the flagship NX1 is discontinued, less than a year after it was released. The timing is very odd given the peak sales period (Christmas) is just a few weeks away. Say Samsung: “We quickly adapt to market needs and demands. In Europe, we will be discontinuing sales of NX1 cameras for now since there is already much better and upgraded cameras. This is specific to the …

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New EOSHD setup guide gives Samsung NX1 LOG capability and more

I have just released a Setup Guide for the Samsung NX1. This guide makes the camera compatible with a range of LUTs so you can more easily apply stylistic moods to 4K footage in post. Along with the LOG conversion workflow, the guide explains the best settings for the NX1 and what you must know before using it for video work.