New EOSHD setup guide gives Samsung NX1 LOG capability and more

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I have just released a Setup Guide for the Samsung NX1. This guide makes the camera compatible with a range of LUTs so you can more easily apply stylistic moods to 4K footage in post.

Along with the LOG conversion workflow, the guide explains the best settings for the NX1 and what you must know before using it for video work.

More information on the official book page here

The Samsung NX1 is one of my favourite cameras for video and the 4K image quality is simply the best you can get for the money right now.

I have been hard at work on a guide for a while now. This is essentially a ‘brain dump’ of everything I know about the NX1.

It is an all-in-one reference so you no longer have to search forums for the information and the 12 page arguments that goes with it. All the material is 100% original and exclusive.

The LUT and workflow included with the book, I am particularly proud of. This converts footage shot with GammaDR on the NX1 to ultra-flat LOG in post. When used with a transcoding app like EditReady it creates 10bit ProRes with a Canon LOG style gamma curve and saturation. This allows you to then apply a LUT in your NLE such as the excellent DELUTS range from James Miller. The whole process is made easy to understand in the book and the camera becomes so much more fun for colour correction as a result. DaVinci Resolve not required!

  1. Introduction and general recommendations
    Firing up the NX1 for video and about the spec
  2. Filmmaking Settings
    Optimal settings for 4K video and slow-mo
  3. The NX1 In Post
    The best way to transcode H.265, convert to LOG and apply a LUT
  4. Recommended lenses with character
    Lenses I recommend fitting to the NX1