Speed King – SLR Magic 35mm T0.95 Review and 5 Axis Stabilisation samples


Note: video is shot with no rig on an outstretched hand.

The SLR Magic 35mm T0.95 is an ultrafast manual focus lens targeted at cinematographers. It is a Leica M mount lens with bespoke adapters for mFT and Sony E-mount.

Until now I had been using this lens on my Sony FS100 but Olympus recently updated their OM-D firmware to support 5 axis stabilisation in video mode with all manual focus lenses.

Move over MoVI…

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News round-up including a look at the 70D’s image quality

It’s been a busy weekend in the DSLR community, so here’s a round-up of a bunch of the more significant news. The Canon 70D is to be released in August and represents the first proper revamp of the Canon APS-C line since 2009’s Canon 7D. Canon make grand claims over the new video and live-view optimised AF system but is the new sensor able to deliver the goods when it comes to image quality?

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Panasonic GX7 to feature video ‘to GH3 standard’ yet has in-body stabilisation!

Panasonic GX7

The Panasonic GX7 is looking genuinely exciting for filmmakers. It sits at the top of Panasonic’s range and uses a different form factor to the DSLR-like GH3, in that it is in the mould of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera, original Panasonic GF1 and Sony NEX range.

The GX7 is rumoured to have some major features not seen in the GH3, such as an in-body stabilisation system and peaking. The sensor is said to be all-new as well and outperforms all the current mFT sensors for raw image quality according to 43rumors.com

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