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47 Blackmagic Micro Cinema vs Studio Camera – What are the differences?

Blackmagic once again caused quite a stir at NAB with three new cameras. I like the URSA Mini the best but here we have the old Pocket and Studio cameras reincarnated. They are a lot cuter this time. These cameras are exceptionally innovative and certainly break all the known performance / size ratios. Although they look very similar on the surface they are aimed at very different users. I’ll now delve into how the…

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0 Canon 1D C to get official $4000 price drop on Sunday 1st February

On Sunday you will be able to buy a brand new Canon 1D C 4K DSLR for $7999 at Adorama. It is currently $12,000 and the price drop will be applied on the 1st February. I’m expecting others such as B&H in the US and CVP in the UK to follow suit as it’s an official Canon discount. This puts the internally recording 4K DSLR in line with the Sony FS7, also an internally recording 4K cinema…

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0 Canon Hong Kong officially lower 1D C price to $7000?

Is this a sign of things to come? The 1D C is currently sold for $12,000 in the US, however Canon in Hong Kong have just lowered the list price, according to one Canon rep to “put it in-line with the Sony FS700”. Converted to US dollars the Hong Kong street price now works out at just $7000.

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0 Panasonic GH4 pricing official – $1698 body only. UPDATE: £1299 in the UK!

UPDATE: The UK and European pricing has now been announced. The great news is the UK price is just £1299 (£1083 + VAT). That’s barely any different to other high end mirrorless cameras and cheaper than the Sony A7. I am amazed at such low pricing, and it seems Panasonic have not chosen to mark-up the camera for these regions like some other manufacturers despite greater demand for mirrorless here…

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0 SLR Magic Anamorphot-50 officially announced

[vimeo][/vimeo] Above: beautiful new film from Seb Farges shot with the SLR Magic Anamorphot on the Sony A7 and Olympus E-M5. SLR Magic have officially announced the Anamorphot developed with feedback and technical assistance from EOSHD and the anamorphic community. To order: there is currently a pre-order offer for people who follow the Twitter handle @anamorphot and email a screen grab of it to [email protected] by Feb 14th (GMT +8).

0 Hands-on preview of the powerful 4K shooting Panasonic GH4!

Based on a pre-production model Since the GH1 I have been shooting with Panasonic’s mirrorless system for video. Without this series of affordable cameras my early work as a cinematographer and filmmaker simply wouldn’t be the same. The GH4 marks a much needed major leap for the line, the first to shoot 4K to an efficient internal codec AND output 10bit 4:2:2 1080p over HDMI to an affordable external recorder…

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0 Phantom Flex 4K revealed – 1000fps at full resolution

[vimeo][/vimeo] Key info 4K at 1000fps, uncompressed raw and TBA ‘industry standard’ codec $140,000 with 2TB CineMag October delivery date The record breaking (4K at 900fps) FT-One just got bettered by Vision Research who have unveiled their latest Flex high speed camera at NAB. Delivery doesn’t start until October at the earliest as features are still being added throughout the Summer of 2013, but the prototype at NAB is able to…

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0 Sony F35 reaches $12,000 on eBay from $250,000 in 2008

View or buy the Sony F35 for $12,000 on eBay US (this version is enhanced by Clairmont camera in Hollywood) A Hollywood workhorse to this day, the Sony CineAlta F35 (also rebadged as Panavision Genesis) is a Super 35mm PL mount digital cinema camera and also an extraordinarily good deal on the used market in 2013. It has 14 stops of dynamic range and a global shutter. It has taken CMOS…

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0 IFA show report – Sony FS700 4K firmware due in a few weeks for same price as F3 S-LOG upgrade?

Today I was at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. Sony had the FS700 to play with. Asking about the 4K update – I was told that by Sony insider (not a sales rep) there are two external recorders already on the market that will work with the camera in 4K mode by Aja and Sony. Sony have no plans to restrict 4K output to their own external recorder(s), and that…

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0 Canon launch £4000 Cinema EOS C100

UPDATE: CVP in the UK are taking pre-orders at just £4162+ VAT (£4999) which is much better than expected. The initial price quotes by sources was $8000. When the Adorama / B&H pre-orders start, will update the pricing info again Canon today launched the much speculated Canon C100, the budget version of the C300. Initially set for a price under the Sony FS700 (around $8000), the camera is double the…

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0 NEX 5N Cine Housing now available to pre-order

Click here to purchase your Cine Housing for the NEX 5N Due to demand Richard Gale has decided to go ahead and put into production his Compact Cine Systems housing for the Sony NEX 5N. The housing is designed to be used with the NEX 5N, Sony CLM V55 monitor and lens. It is built to order and made in England.

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0 ‘4K Ready’ Sony FS700 officially announced

As first revealed on EOSHD last week the $8k Sony FS700 has now been officially unveiled. The specs are as leaked but there are some significant extra details which make it even better, especially in terms of slow mo which is full 1080p all the way up to 240fps!

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0 Which to get as a low budget shooter – 5D Mark III or GH2?

[vimeo][/vimeo] Above: the Olympus 12mm F2 in action on the GH2 Here’s a gear guide along with a round-up of footage for low budget shooters. There’s a big difference in price between the very capable Panasonic GH2 and the new 5D Mark III. One is $800 new and the other $3500. All the discussion so far has been about the camera – is it worth $3500? Well unless you’re going to drill…

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0 First impressions of the $2999 Nikon D800’s video mode

[vimeo][/vimeo] Above: Joy Ride shot on the Nikon D800 streams in full 1080p so make sure to view full screen! The long rumoured and leaked Nikon D800 was officially announced today. This is Nikon’s equivalent of Canon’s upcoming 5D Mark 3 and is a very attractive camera which brings almost all of the Nikon D4’s pro DSLR features down to $2999 (£2399 in the UK) but sacrifices cutting edge low…

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0 Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 17.5mm F0.95 – official!

UPDATE: De-clicked aperture ring is on the lens for video, according to 43Rumors whom I am sure can read the original German better than I can! Good news! This came out of the blue. Cosina are releasing a sister lens for the 50mm equivalent Micro Four Thirds 25mm Nokton F0.95. The new lens will be equivalent to 35mm on full frame and features the same incredible aperture of F0.95 for…

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0 Canon 5D Mark II price dips under $2000

Get the Canon 5D Mark II at Adorama for $1999 This is really tumbling now. I think there has been around 4 price drops in the last week on the 5D Mark II. Now it is at $1999 for the first time. That is cheaper than some 2nd hand bodies on eBay.

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11 Canon C300 Cinema EOS camera – specs and initial thoughts

Canon’s new Cinema EOS camera is here and it is 5D Mark II inspired in terms of design although not price! Costing over $16,000 the Canon EOS C300 has a far more compact and less cluttered design than the Sony FS100 or F3. The camera takes on the look of a DSLR with built in EVF. The camera will be available in January 2012.

3 The Sony FS100 – Why professionals are all mad

Is the FS100 (and F3 even more so) worth such a lot of money now DSLRs are in the game? EOSHD believes that for some people, yes they are. But the elephant in the room is that they produce the same end result for the audience, the same product. This is going to be quite a controversial article so please bear in mind the disclaimer that whether any camera is…

0 Sony’s AF100 competitor to cost $50,000?

Jim Jannard can breath a sigh of relief. According to a Japanese sales manager, Sony’s ‘affordable’ S35mm pro video camera will cost in the region of $50,000 – in league with the Arri Alexa. I should however emphasise that in no way is this the official, confirmed price yet.

0 Why Canon are right to reheat existing technology

Canon have released the same camera 3 times in 12 months. But here, explains why they are right (from a business perspective) to do so. In October 2009 Canon released the 7D. They had developed a brand new cutting edge sensor for the camera and spent a great deal of time and resources on it, plus the new AF system.

0 Canon 60D hands-on* review – creative but nothing new!

See my Canon 60D versus Panasonic GH2 review here If this is innovation, then I’m Britney Spears! Canon have released another very conservative derivative of the 7D in the form of the 60D with articulated screen. The company has managed to fill the tiny hole in the range between the 550D and 7D. The main distinguishing features of the 60D is a hinge, a wheel and the price.

0 Panasonic GH2 specs leak to Japanese website?

Here is a nice summary of what we may expect from the Panasonic GH2. The newly skinned has posted some supposed GH2 specs found on a Japanese website. The Photoshop mock ups are bunk but I believe the specs themselves sound credible and very satisfying.

0 Sony change the camcorder game with NEX VG10

Sony have announced the specs, release date and price of their first interchangable lens consumer camcorder. Retailing in September at $2000 (including 18-200mm kit lens worth $800), the Sony VG10 is an interchangeable lens mount camcorder, available to pre-order today. “Targeting video enthusiasts and photographers, the NEX-VG10E opens up unprecedented artistic possibilities not achievable with conventional consumer video cameras.”