Canon 1D C to get official $4000 price drop on Sunday 1st February


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On Sunday you will be able to buy a brand new Canon 1D C 4K DSLR for $7999 at Adorama. It is currently $12,000 and the price drop will be applied on the 1st February. I’m expecting others such as B&H in the US and CVP in the UK to follow suit as it’s an official Canon discount. This puts the internally recording 4K DSLR in line with the Sony FS7, also an internally recording 4K cinema camera.

This price drop was much needed, I’m surprised they didn’t do it sooner. In addition keep an eye on the 1D C used prices on eBay, I’m expecting they will now drop even further than the £5k I paid last month. We can only speculate if the 5D Mark IV or 5Ds will get 4K video recording or whether a 1D C Mark II will appear at NAB in April. I’d rate the chances as slim as the 1D X, the camera it is based on, is not yet due a replacement!