Canon Hong Kong officially lower 1D C price to $7000?

Canon 1D C
Above: the Canon 1D C (foreground) and the new compressed raw shooting KineMINI 4K which I intend to compare it to this week, thanks to HDVideoShop in Berlin

Is this a sign of things to come? The 1D C is currently sold for $12,000 in the US, however Canon in Hong Kong have just lowered the list price, according to one Canon rep to “put it in-line with the Sony FS700”. Converted to US dollars the Hong Kong street price now works out at just $7000.

According to EOSHD forum member Fabuloux, whose local dealer now sells the 1D C for HKD 54,000 ($7000 US dollars) the low price is a result of Canon lowering the official list price to $61,999 HK dollars. Sure enough you can view the new price on the official Canon Hong Kong website here.  That is now MUCH closer to the RRP in Hong Kong of the plain old 1D X, which sells for $44,000 ($5700 US dollars).

That’s a difference of just $1300 for the 4K recording. Given the image, that’s a steal.

As yet it isn’t clear if the price reduction is permanent and will be rolled out internationally, but it would be a very much a step in the right direction for Canon whose original $12,000 price for the camera was really aimed at a very select group of Hollywood people and pros.

The other Cinema EOS cameras in Hong Kong break down as follows…C500 is $124,000 ($16k USD) the C300 is $93,500 ($12k USD) and the C100 Mark II approximately $43,000 ($5600) so quite similar to the US prices. So if you’re thinking of buying a new 1D C, you might want to wait to see what happens to the $12,000 list price in the US between now and next week.

In the meantime let’s speculate – is the price reduction to keep it competitive against stiffer competition or is it down to a successor at NAB in April? If there is going to be a replacement, a huge leap is unlikely in my view, since Canon isn’t ready to replace the 1D X it’s so heavily based on. A new camera distinguised by firmware and features rather than by the body and sensor is more likely. Features would likely include the ability to punch in for focus whilst recording, improved firmware and codec – like it should have had in the first place. But now – they can sell you another! Get ready to hand over your hard earned!