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0 Sony FS7 versus the Canon C300 (and their own cameras too?)

The Sony F55, F5 and FS700 now have a fierce competitor for less money, and it’s not a Canon, nor is it a Red or a Panasonic. It’s one of their own, the Sony FS7. Yet this cannibalisation may be worth it because the potential market for the FS7 is enormous. It’s the fiercest arrow yet fired at Canon’s most popular interchangeable lens video camera for pros, the Cinema EOS…

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0 Sony to officially reveal 4K XDCAM ‘FS700-successor’ on 12th September

Sony UK have posted a marketing teaser video featuring various video pros and directors of photography, claiming the ‘next pro camera’ is coming September 12th. I believe this to be a Super 35mm 4K XDCAM with E-mount, positioned around the $10k point to take on the Canon C300. The timing of the announcement coincides exactly with the start of the IBC pro video trade show in Amsterdam.

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0 Sony A7 and A7r promise improved full frame video and lensing options

Although it’s yet to be officially announced, the A7 and A7r have been heavily leaked. All along I have been saying mirrorless is the future, not the low end consumer proposition the manufacturers seem to think it is. Canon and Nikon ignored the high end mirrorless technology and now it is pay back time. Sony, already ahead of Canon on full frame sensor performance, looks set to steal a huge chunk of…

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0 Sony NEX EA50 – ENG cameras go APS-C, interchangeable lens

Sony released a new video camera today but it seems to have confused a lot of people. It isn’t a future consumer camera. It is a low end ENG camera for shoulder mounted video work. It isn’t a cheap FS100. It is a NEX 5N in an ENG body with XLR inputs. (Similarly the VG20 is a NEX 5N in a high end consumer camcorder body) Instead this is practical…

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0 Revealed: Metabones EF Sony E-Mount adapter optically defective

UPDATE: Metabones inform me they have fixed the latest adapters with an anti-reflective part. If your adapter suffers from reflections, if yours has any of the issues below, simply contact Metabones and send your adapter back for a service As if the initial non-functioning firmware with the NEX 5N and NEX 7 wasn’t bad enough, it appears Metabones will have to completely re-design the recent EOS lens to E-Mount adapter.

0 Metabones EF to E-Mount adapter for Sony NEX Review

The Metabones / Conurus EOS adapter for Sony NEX is not the first to have seamless electronic aperture control on NEX bodies for Canon EF / EFS lenses but it is the smallest and most affordable. What is build quality like? I’ve had some Metabones adapters before, namely the ones for Contax G to Micro Four Thirds and NEX. These were far better built and manufacturers than their Chinese equivalents, and…

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0 Sony NEX E-mount gets Metabones $399 electronic Canon EF adapter / Canon C300 available for pre-order

Pricing has been announced for the Canon C300. As expected it is $15,999. B&H are taking pre-orders for the PL mount version here and the EF mount C300 here. Both are the same price. Orders will ship 30th January. This is great news for NEX 5N and FS100 owners. Suddenly that limited range of E-mount lenses have been supplemented by the entire Canon EOS range! Metabones are set to release…

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8 Cinematic and photographic lenses for the Sony NEX 5N and FS100 – Part 1

The NEX 5N’s APS-C sensor behind a mirrorless mount opens up some new possibilities when it comes to adapting lenses for video. In part 1 I will cover recommended adapters and small walk-around street photography lenses which don’t compromise the compact size of the NEX 5N as a b-roll cam and digital rangefinder. There’s only one Sony pancake at the moment and it’s not very good so these are the answer.…

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29 Why photo / video pros could migrate to consumer electronics if Canon and Nikon don’t up their game

I’ve been chewing this subject over recently with Sam Morgan Moore who is an experienced pro stills photographer turned videographer. “What sony are doing at the moment – first with the FS100 and some appaerenly competent stills glass – is opening up an unheard of possibility… A professional stills shooter who does not use Canon or Nikon but uses cameras made by the company that brought you the Walkman and the…

0 Sony announce pro e-mount 35mm NXCAM

UPDATE – will Sony keep the box form factor? They have done it before with the Sony HDC-P1. Sony have announced a $7k AVCHD camera with 24p and 35mm sensor. Aimed squarely at the AF100 and Red Scarlet, the boxy looking prototype gives little a way right now but I’m gathering more info as the story unfolds.

2 E Mount compromising performance for slimness?

Above: the thicker GF1 body is due to a longer flange back, which improves optical performance The Sony NEX5 is a bomb. The build quality of the lenses and the overall styling is incredible. Never before has higher image quality from that size of body been possible, and never has a camera looked so futuristic and contained so much forward-pointing technology. And whilst the new Sony NEX mirrorless cameras are…

0 Sony revolutionise the consumer camcorder – E Mount camcorder due late 2010

Is this the reason why Sony’s NEX line doesn’t yet feature 24p and manual control in video mode? Sony’s plan to keep alive consumer camcorders has kicked into action today with the announcement of an E-Mount camcorder. A press release just hit out of the blue. They kept this incredibly quiet. The mock-up shown is not like the pro sized AF100 from Panasonic, more like a prosumer camcorder. The E…