Nikon Z6 goes Sony E mount with new razor thin lens adapter, supporting electronics and full AF!

An EOSHD Forum member (thanks!) spotted this on a Chinese camera forum. It appears Z mount is indeed able to take Sony E-mount lenses with infinity focus and the adapter shown here features electronic contacts.

It is believed the adapter supports both the Nikon Z6 and Z7 with E-mount lenses. It isn’t know which E-mount lenses it supports – all or just a few.

Autofocus performance is also a question mark but in theory it should be on par with a native Sony A7 body. The AF systems are sensor-reliant and the Z6 has a very similar on-sensor phase-detect AF system to the Sony A7 III.

Speaking of lens adapters I will be bringing you some real treasure soon on EOSHD…Each adapter is a game changer in my opinion:

  • Kipon Medium Format Pentax 645 Baveyes for Nikon Z (finally we can shoot 4K with the medium format look)
  • Techart Fuji GFX – Canon EF adapter with autofocus (Sigma 105mm F1.4 on medium format with full AF)
  • Techart Sony E-mount – Leica M autofocus adapter (autofocus any manual focus lens – and it’s FAST)
  • Fringer and Kipon Fuji X-mount autofocus adapters
  • Kipon Fuji X-mount – Canon EF Baveyes (speed booster) with autofocus – Full frame X-T3 anyone?
  • And more

Stay tuned for these reviews and hopefully the Nikon Z/E mount adapter before too long.