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16 Panasonic developing 8K sensor for consumer and broadcast cameras

Panasonic froze image sensor research and development in 2011 and have only now resumed. The company has committed $80m to revitalise their image sensors business in light of growing revenue from their imaging business as a whole and hot demand for sensors. One of the goals of the $80m investment is the creation of an 8K sensor to be released in Panasonic cameras around 2018.

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0 Sony will respond to users and reduce rolling shutter with new sensor technology

The A7S is so close to being a ‘complete’ system for high end video quality in a small prosumer camera, but there’s one issue that has quite rightly been highlighted by filmmakers such as Andrew Wonder and that is the rolling shutter distortion. The A7S actually has a very fast sensor with high efficiency made possible by the latest technology but because it does not skip any lines when reading out…

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0 Could Nikon be about to enter digital cinema market?

Today sees the announcement of a new DSLR sensor from one of Nikon’s recent sensor supplier’s Aptina which has a headline spec of 4K video at up to 80fps. The highly rated company says it is ‘combining DSLR image quality and 4K digital cinema’ with the new AR1411HS sensor. Along with Nikon being on the record for wanting to add 4K video to future Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras, could the…

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0 Is this the Blackmagic 4K sensor? Same supplier as Leica M CMOS

UPDATE: More details here Last year I found a sensor which seemed a perfect match for future 4K Blackmagic Cinema Cameras. I contacted the supplier CMOSIS who quoted me a rough price point which made 4K for $4K within reach. CMOSIS are a European company who are mass producing the full frame CMOS sensor in the new Leica M so they are an extremely reliable and high regarded supplier with…

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0 Nikon V1 – shooting 4K 60fps raw for $200

Above – the compressed 2.4k version of 4K raw from the Nikon V1 (download the original at Vimeo) by Javier Sobremazas The Nikon V1 is $220 (body) or $300 (kit) on eBay – get it whilst you still can There’s a dark horse in our midst which very few know about, a camera which can shoot 4K raw at 60fps for $200.

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0 Digital Bolex image quality – Exclusive look at sensor samples and footage

The D16 Digital Bolex – pictured above in the hands of the biggest 16mm advocate of all, Darren Aronofsky Does the Digital Bolex have Blackmagic on the back foot? A friend Roald Christesen recently got in touch, to share some footage shot with the CCD in the upcoming Digital Bolex. He’s a developing new Cinema DNG transcoding software and has been testing the sensor as part of that process. The image…

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0 Could this be the perfect sensor for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Mark II?

UPDATE: pricing is under $1700 per sensor The company resonsible for the full frame 35mm CMOS sensor in the new Leica M have made a Super 35mm video version of the technology. Above is the CMV12000 scientific sensor by European company CMOSIS – it has amazing potential in a cinema camera. Super 35mm / APS-C sized 4K raw at 12bit (90fps) and 10bit (150fps) 4:3 anamorphic 4,096 x 3,072 Global shutter…

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0 4K for $1k

Above: ‘Micro Epic’. The 4K Flea 3 brain with Sony sensor Machine vision company Point Grey have been getting some attention for their new 4K camera which retails at just $945. For those who want to build their own cinema camera, this is a solution which provides both the ‘brain’ and software necessary to do so. The camera is also usable out of the box tethered to a PC, delivering…

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0 8K at 120fps – forget 4K!

Japan’s national broadcast corporation NHK has developed a large CMOS 8K sensor for Super Hi Vision. At 21.5mm x 12.1mm it is the size of Super 35mm when cropped to 16:9, and does 120fps at a resolution of 7680 x 4320.

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2 Massive 200mm Canon CMOS sensor records video in Japanese telescope

Left: Canon’s Kiso Sensor, right the 5D Mark II’s sensor, inset a telescope at the Kiso observatory in Japan. The huge Canon CMOS revealed last year wasn’t just a marketing or R&D ploy after all, it has been put to practical use. The sensor does extraordinary low light 60fps video (no word on resolution) of the night sky at the Schmidt telescope in Tokyo.

1 Global shutter sensor released for consumer A/V market

A CMOS sensor destined for consumer A/V has been released – featuring a global shutter. The sensor is destined to be used in high end consumer video cameras, sports cameras (the company supplies on-board cameras for F1 cars) and industrial cameras where a perfect image with no distortion, and high frame rates are necessities.

0 Lowdown on the Sony F3’s 2K cinema sensor

It appears the Sony F3’s sensor has a few tricks up it’s sleeve relative to the cheaper AF100. Sony Japan say their Super 35mm Exmor CMOS in the upcoming F3 is completely new and has pixels which are 4x the size of typical DSLR CMOS ones. Approximately 12 microns sized versus as little as 3 microns on APS-C DSLRs (according to Sony). The Canon 5D Mark II has a much…

0 Course for image sensor engineers reveals future trends

Above: Light hitting an image sensor, recorded by Andor IQ The increase in CMOS sensor speed is what makes HDSLR video possible. But according to scientists in academic image sensor technology fields, fabrication processes used to make CMOS imagers are lagging 2 or 3 generations behind fabrication methods used in integrated circuits (IC) and solid-state memory – so we can expect some huge leaps in the very near future.