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The D800 has re-emerged!

We have the Mosaic Engineering VAF-D800 filter, CFast $299 Atomos Ninja Star ProRes recorder coming soon and now even a hack project based around the camera.

So I’ve picked up a D800 and plan to see what I get out of it.

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Because full frame is just too small, Sony are supplying a 4K video capable sensor to Leica and Pentax in the region of 40 to 50MP. According to a Leica rep at NAB the company is planning 4K video for their implementation of the sensor in the Leica S. Indeed Pentax have already announced that their 645Z will record 4K video.

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4K A7S

Various sources have told Sony Alpha Rumors that an A7S is coming on Sunday “in Las Vegas”. It isn’t hard to figure out what is starting in Las Vegas this weekend. If the rumours are true the Sony A7S will be at NAB 2014 – the largest video, broadcast and cinema trade show of the year.

Is Sony about to give us a ‘full frame GH4′?

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NEW: Discover the EOSHD Music Challenge – find up-and-coming songwriters and bands to accompany my videos

The Nikon V3 will be the first mirrorless camera to feature 120fps HD slow-mo at 1280 x 720 resolution. Also available are 400fps and 1200fps at lower resolutions. Nikon have added an electronic stabilisation mode (called EVR) and 1080/60p to round out the spec.

As a stills camera the V3 has been redesigned completely and retargeted at Nikon’s prosumer and professional DSLR base as a ‘second camera’. Gone is the ugly V1 design and the distinctly odd V2 – but gone also is the built-in EVF – that is now only available as a separate add-on.

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Rig and lenses - 5D Mark III Raw Shooter's Guide

Recently DPReview published a very interesting interview with top Canon executives. The information is a goldmine of clues over what direction Canon might take next with their DSLRs when it comes to 4K, video and image quality.

EOSHD analyses the Canon’s executive remarks…

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