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All footage by Ed David on the EOSHD forum

I’m surprised at how nice the quality is from APS-C (Super 35mm) mode on the A7S. I expected it to be a lot softer! There’s no signs of significant moire or aliasing either.

The smaller window from the sensor allows the shutter to expose the whole pixel readout more quickly than in full frame 12MP mode, so less jello for us.

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A7S would be beautiful with the Canon 50mm F1.2L

This began as a 10 point list. It grew…

I am huge fan of the 1D C’s image but not the camera itself and especially not the price. The 1D C when it was introduced offered an absolutely lovely image and still does but now the playing field is rapidly changing.

Exactly how does the Sony A7S compare on paper to the 1D C?

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Nikon D810 HD-SLR video features

Along with such disappointing video quality on both of Nikon’s flagship models the D4S and D810, it’s suggested by some that Nikon do not care about video on DSLRs because it is a small market. They make stills cameras! Video is a tiny niche. And so it goes, on and on (from people on photography forums and not actual working pros)…

So I was surprised to see 34 mentions of “video”, 14 mentions of “cinema” and 10 mentions of “broadcast” in Nikon’s official press release for the D810.

That compares to just 18 mentions of “photographer”, 4 mentions of “photography” and zero mention at all of the words “still” or “stills” in the entire release.

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YouTube Preview Image

The Sony A7S is the camera I am most looking forward to in the coming months and although it is a shame it lacks an internal 4K codec, it does promise much improved internal 1080p and 4K HDMI output. Here Yosh Enatsu has used the Blackmagic HDMI to SDI Ultra HD converter to a Hyperdeck Studio deck to record this test shoot in the dead of night.

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What’s the ultimate cross-breed camera of 2014? If we take all the strong points of the manufacturers and put them in one camera, what do we get?

  • Full frame sensor from the Sony A7S
  • 4K internal codec from the Panasonic GH4
  • Big EVF from Fuji and their lovely X-T1
  • 5 axis in-body stabilisation from Olympus (working for video with any lens)
  • Cine lenses by Sigma – their 35mm F1.4 and 50mm F1.4 are that good
  • Bundled grading / editing software from Blackmagic - Resolve 11
  • Ergonomic styling by Fuji

I’m very sorry but I couldn’t think of a single class leading technology that Canon and Nikon have brought to the market in the last few years to complete my dream camera!

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