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Director, cinematographer and DSLR user Andrew Wonder talks to EOSHD about his latest anamorphic spot for G.E…

The technology behind the shoot is rather interesting. Two Sony F3 cameras mounted on the front of the train, remotely controlled and recording to e-sata drives in the control carriage, kitted out with Joe Dunton / Panavision anamorphic lenses from London.

Joe Dunton is a British Bafta winning camera equipment guy who has always held a great fascination with anamorphic lenses, and was one of Stanley Kubrick’s closest collaborators after A Clockwork Orange in the 70′s and provided Kubrick with his lenses on Eyes Wide Shut.

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Above: ReWo’s GH2 cage, review coming soon.

Thom Hogan thinks video on DSLRs is a waste of time.

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Professional video cameras used to matter because they were the only way to get what you needed.

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As some guy from Apple once said to a Pepsi CEO, do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life of change the world?

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The Sony F3 will have a dedicated Super 35 video sensor with huge pixels – can DSLRs compete?

With news from Sony that the F3 has a built anew Exmor Super 35 2k sensor unrelated to DSLRs comes an interesting dilemma for DSLR users. I’ve been doing some research into the pixel sizes (and light gathering ability) of the leading video DSLRs.

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