Sony and Zacuto news round-up

Above: Sony A77 with new Zeiss 24mm F1.8.

I have been in England this past week and survived the riots thankfully! Updates will be back to their normal speed from this week as I’m back to my other home, the much more gentle city of Berlin! Also a quick shout out to anyone else who will be in Berlin this week – Philip Bloom is in town for Cam Busters and I’ll be at any meet-up that happens so come along and say hello. Check Philip’s Twitter for latest updates, times, etc.

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Zacuto EVF Flip Review

Buy the Zacuto EVF Flip through this link and support!

The Zacuto EVF is the first new generation DSLR accessory that is truly killer. It benefits DSLR ergonomics so much and monitoring is a different world with it. Peaking, zebras, anamorphic, you name it. Also with the latest firmware it has audio monitoring via the HDMI loop through and on-screen levels. That is good news for the future (at the moment DSLRs don’t output audio whilst recording) and it means any absence of a headphone jack on future DSLRs won’t even matter.

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Great starter’s guide to DSLR rigs


I was messaged this today on the site from Phil Holland – thanks Phil!

He’s done a great job explaining and demonstrating his rig, with a general overview of why one is useful.

I’m all for keeping this kind of equipment at a minimum for the job in hand. That’s why Phil’s video is good – because it’s a nice practical rig and not too bulky or complex, plus it can be stripped down quickly and easily.

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An interview with filmmaker Karen Abad

And so it begins

Karen Abad (Website | Blog) is a talented filmmaker who has worked with Vimeo and lately Zacuto. Karen works with a huge variety of formats including 35mm and 16mm film, as well as DSLRs. Here Karen shares her thoughts on the creative process, cameras and her filmmaking experience so far.

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Final Zacuto Shootout airs!


Watch the shoot out on here

This, the final part of Zacuto’s HDSLR versus 35mm film web series has a number of eye-openers.

If you haven’t seen it already don’t read any further!

I’m going to go into quite a bit of detail on what I think is the conclusion, for me anyway, of this shootout.

So, spoilers ahead…

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Watch the Robert Rodriguez EOS 7D music video

Back a few months ago Sin City director and Predators producer Robert Rodriguez was spotted with a Zacuto rig and 2 7Ds on location at Zillker Park in Austin, Texas.

It’s a pleasure to now be able to see it. The music video has premiered on (the Independent Film Channel) complete with an interview with the man himself.

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The death of full frame in video land?

As the Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D3S show, full frame may be winning now – but do we really need it?

Rise of the compact High Sensitivity sensors

Recently I was comparing sample photos from the Canon G11 to the Panasonic GF1, I found that at ISO 3200 the G11 was almost matching the GF1 for resolution, detail, colour and noise simply through virtue of having a very sensitive imager and very intelligent noise control… from a sensor the size of a baby’s pinky finger.

Back in video land I rested easy… but then yesterday came episode 2 of the Great Zacuto Shootout (spoilers ahead)

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