Watch the Robert Rodriguez EOS 7D music video

Back a few months ago Sin City director and Predators producer Robert Rodriguez was spotted with a Zacuto rig and 2 7Ds on location at Zillker Park in Austin, Texas.

It’s a pleasure to now be able to see it. The music video has premiered on (the Independent Film Channel) complete with an interview with the man himself.

Music is by Bob Schneider – 40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet). Not cutting edge stuff like the new MGMT album Congratulations but pretty listenable.

Much of the video is shot as if through a 16mm film camera, and at one point an iPhone gets a starring role, projecting it’s screen onto a ceiling of a lounge, although I’m not sure if there is an app for that quite yet.

Robert didn’t mention too much in the IFC interview about the actual shooting process, Philip Bloom’s article is the place to go for that, although he does summarise thus:

We only had a few hours on a Saturday and Sunday, and I wanted to get to all these different locations around town. I didn’t want to carry a bunch of camera stuff around so I wanted to shoot with my Canon 5D, those SLR cameras that shoot hi-def video now. It’s perfect; people don’t know your filming, very low profile. It was a very down and dirty, quick and easy way to shoot.

(The interview text states 5D although he actually shot with 2x 7D cameras)

See the full 2 page interview with Rodriguez on here