Vitaliy Kiselev updates on GH2 ‘project Stalin’

Above Vitaliy appears on Spanish RTVE TV on ‘planned obsolesce’ built into consumer electronics. (Second man in, via a video link)

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Russian programmer Vitaliy Kiselev has updated us via his own website on Project Lenin and Project Stalin. He has now achieved the required funding for Project Lenin, this involves un-hackable GH1 to be sent and decoded via a hardware dump of the firmware chips. The encryption unlocking methods will then be applied to Project Stalin in the hope the GH2’s firmware can also be opened up in a similar way.

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50Mbit 1080p MJPEG on the Panasonic GH1

The results are finally in and has found settings that give you the best possible quality from your GH1. There will also be improvements and updates still to come. Please read on!

The GH1 can now do 50Mbit 1080p MJPEG and the quality is astounding. It isn’t quite 100% robust yet, certain types of shot can halt recording. But it’s very usable as you can see from the video above.

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Inside the Panasonic GH1

Progress continues on the new GH1 custom firmware by Vitaliy K or ‘tester13’ as he’s know in the community.

The developer has succeeded in enabling native 24p 1080p recording to the SD card. However the native 24p files cannot be played back on the camera yet. Previously the GH1 recorded 24p 1080p in a 60i stream, which needed pulldown and reverse telecline to get the native 24p stream back out before editing footage.

With his understanding of the GH1’s deepening, Vitaliy has also got some useful insights into how the camera works and why it is designed the way it is – including how the GH1’s sensor is scanned, more on that later in the article.

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