Anamorphic shoulder rig with Half Inch Rails handlebar

Half Inch Rails handlebar anamorphic rig

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I haven’t seen very many documentaries, TV shows or news reportage shot with anamorphic lenses. Some of this work of course isn’t suited to a cinema aesthetic – but some projects would really benefit from it. I have assembled a quick to use anamorphic ENG rig for handheld footage.

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Reviews of JIN’s affordable DSLR video rig, rails and follow focus

The rig – buy it now
The follow focus – buy it now

JIN Finance, the lens adapter machinists in Shanghai, have recently started making DSLR video gear and the big surprise is how well designed it is and the standard of the materials. They are not high end but affordable and accessible for the many, and incredibly good value. Now shooters have been using the rig and follow focus and some have posted reviews.

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Finally a British DSLR rig!

Sam Morgan Moore has launched his Half Inch Rails S2 camera support. Watch the great summary above.

The main reason I like DSLRs is because they’re small and flexible and it made no sense to me to see all these huge one-purpose rigs coming out recently that basically took your nimble digital cinema camera and turned into a heavy ENG camera in need of 3 pairs of hands just to pick up.

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Superb affordable GH2 tactical shooting rig!

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This rig is awesome. The first of it’s kind made especially for the Panasonic GH2 and GH1, it has a trigger release to start and stop recording on a pistol grip so you never have to take your hand away. It is far more affordable than the usual DSLR rig as well despite being all aluminium and with the unique pistol grip being made in Japan.

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