Finally a British DSLR rig!

Sam Morgan Moore has launched his Half Inch Rails S2 camera support. Watch the great summary above.

The main reason I like DSLRs is because they’re small and flexible and it made no sense to me to see all these huge one-purpose rigs coming out recently that basically took your nimble digital cinema camera and turned into a heavy ENG camera in need of 3 pairs of hands just to pick up.

The beauty of the S2 is that because it’s based on a generic concept of rails and bars you can adapt it to almost everything – even the tumble dryer as you can see in the video.

It starts simple, a bit like my filmmaking philosophy. Remove all the obstacles, complexities and fuss and go minimal so you can concentrate on what’s important instead of constantly fiddling with nobs.

In the minimal form you have something very nimble which you can carry around the street without breaking into a sweat, even store it in a bag. That way you can shoot more subtly without being arrested for terrorist offences on public transport or attracting a crowd of anti-social yobs.

It’s also very modular with tons of add-on parts depending on what you need. If you already have gear like follow focuses you can use the Does It Fit? part of the new Half Inch Rails site to get an instant answer as to the obvious question.

I feel the world of DSLR rigs has just been given a dose of British engineering logic and Half Inch Rails has the big guns firmly in his cross hairs. Tally ho!