Finally a British DSLR rig!

Sam Morgan Moore has launched his Half Inch Rails S2 camera support. Watch the great summary above.

The main reason I like DSLRs is because they’re small and flexible and it made no sense to me to see all these huge one-purpose rigs coming out recently that basically took your nimble digital cinema camera and turned into a heavy ENG camera in need of 3 pairs of hands just to pick up.

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HalfInchRails S2 – the most agile run & gun DSLR rig?

This rig from HalfInchRails is a refreshing no-bullshit approach to DSLR rigging. Rigs are essential for handheld footage (OIS is floaty and raw handheld DSLR shooting is jittery and amateurish) but sometimes they really do make things much more expensive and awkward than they should be.

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