Premiere Pro sales up 45% due to FCPX exodus

Above: the old Premiere logo. Adobe’s prancing horse to Apple’s donkey.

Final Cut Pro X has been sitting on my machine alongside Premiere Pro CS5.5 and Final Cut Pro 7 since its release a few months ago, and after the initial week of getting to know it I haven’t used it once.

It’s a dead duck.

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Are Apple losing the plot?

Guided by Steve Jobs Apple have had an incredible decade. Even when they were in no position to lead the market they decided to lead it anyway and ended up winning. The iPhone came from nowhere and revolutionised the smartphone industry to such an extent that Nokia all but rolled over and died. It was a visionary move.

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Re-wrap AVCHD clips to Quicktime in no-time

Above snap taken with SLRMagic E-mount 28mm with SLRMagic macro extension tube on Sony NEX. Click here to buy the lens on eBay. Full review soon!

Premiere Pro CS5 aside, support for AVCHD has been poor to date on PCs and Macs. Are you tired of having to wait for media to transcode in Final Cut Pro? Can’t edit HX9v 1080/60p in Final Cut Pro X? Having trouble previewing AVCHD clips in Quicktime Player on a Mac? No thumbnail of AVCHD clips in the Finder?

Finally a solution is at hand.

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Final Cut Pro X and Compressor 4 – Review – Part II

Apple’s slogan for FCPX is ‘everything just changed in post’. It certainly did. Upon the shifting sands of technology there’s only one constant – your creativity. As we see when tech moves on, it matters more than 10 years of editing experience on previous software. Apple have swept that away in the blink of an eye.

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