JVC enters 4K digital cinema world with interchangeable lens camera

On this day exactly 1 year ago EOSHD reported on a rare sighting – a 4K digital cinema camera with Nikon mount from JVC.

This product has quietly matured into something nearing release with a rumoured launch date of April 2012 at NAB and a rumoured price said to be under $9,000. However since this is JVC we’re talking about, something is probably odd about it.

Does this cut the mustard?

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GH3 around corner at CES?

Find out how to get a GH2 body for $499 in the US at Adorama on the new EOSHD forum

Ethics statement: holding off buying a camera due to a rumour is silly. Anyone who wants to shoot and is not currently shooting with a GH2 especially with the hack and current discounts is missing out on a fantastic camera.

Whilst the GH2 discounts continue today I received an email from a guy in the Netherlands who had a sneak at MediaMarkt’s stock list. MediaMarkt is one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers in Europe and actually there is one near me in Berlin where I double checked the stock list. The news here is that the GH2 is showing as EOL (end of line).

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WVIL uncloaked

Whilst we wait for a Canon / Nikon mirrorless, a German man has appeared at CES with his own.

In this controversial YouTube clip, WVIL appears to be a smart phone or tablet connected to the cellular network. It looks like a Samsung Galaxy S with a customised camera-style hand-grip. It is probably running Android and has a custom app to control a lens unit with a sensor.

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