Canon EOS M3 Review – new sensor, new video quality?

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The EOS M3 features Canon’s new flagship 24MP APS-C (Super 35mm) sensor, the flag bearer for future Canon APS-C DSLRs such as the 760D.

Now released in Europe and Asia but not in the US, does the M3 rage against the dying of the light or go quietly into the night?

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Canon 5D Mark IV “will be 1080p” with Canon LOG

EOSHD - 5D Mark III rig

I received an email from a NAB show visitor today who had spoken off the record to Canon and was told the company believes a 4K 5D Mark IV would completely overshadow the recently released C100 Mark II and so wouldn’t happen, but that Canon LOG would likely go into the camera to allow shot-matching with the XC10.

So to segment specs based on price, Canon is allegedly sticking to 1080p on future DSLRs. The exception is the 4K XC10 which isn’t a competitor to the C100 Mark II or C300 Mark II as it features a tiny 1″ sensor and fixed camcorder-style zoom lens by comparison.

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Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300 (image quality)

The Canon C300 (currently reduced to $11,500) was the $15,000 stalwart of the professional videographer, only recently did it have a compelling rival – the Sony FS7.

The Samsung NX1 is essentially a cutting edge 4K Super 35mm sensor in a mirrorless camera, recently given a video oriented firmware update which improves dynamic range and the available image profiles.

I was curious to see how the images from these cameras compared and I put my Canon 1D C into the mix as well.

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