Pick of the week’s Vimeo


EOSHD takes a look at some of the Vimeo shorts by aspiring filmmakers and professional filmmakers alike that caught my eye this week.

SoMe (Trailer) by JG Harding and Thom Haig.

EOSHD: This trailer by my pal JG Harding with After Effects work by Thom Haig is a really nice execution on a very promising and original idea – the evil Social Network which is enveloping the world! That’s my take on it anyway – though I have not yet seen Julian’s finished film (it’s going to be doing the festival rounds before it goes online) the trailer is pretty promising, and it’s only shot with on Canon 550D too. Impressive stuff.

JG Harding: It was all shot with one 550D, mostly Zeiss glass and all edit and post in Adobe CS5. We’ll be entering various festivals before putting it online in full, so people will have to keep an eye on the blog at http://weareso.me to follow and learn a bit about the production and progress at festivals and the like! The music is by a group called Innerpartysystem

The Man in Long Grass by Oli Kember, Ted Marcus & others


EOSHD: I met Oli at the Coverge Festival last month, and here is just a small sample of what he’s been up to in the short time since. This was made, incredibly, in just under 48hrs. One to watch.
Oli Kember: A Sci-Fi melodrama, written, shot and edited in only 48 hours, between the 2nd and the 4th of April 2011, based around three stipulations given by the Sci-Fi London Film Festival. Those were…
Title: The Man in Long Grass
Prop: A clear bottle, with no label, half full of red liquid… someone takes a drink
Line: “I’m here on holiday, for new experiences, so…”

Malfunction by Ben Bunch


EOSHD: Ben has been using the GH1 and now the GH2 for as long as I have. A young filmmaker and one to watch. His cinematography is great. This one was made for film school on a GH2, I like the idea, the post and the way it’s shot. Okay the performances are a bit too stiff for my taste but I can see the direction he was aiming for – the influences are clear to see in here. Ben has the hallmarks of someone who will go far in this business so keep an eye on him.
Ben: Created as a senior exit project for my bachelor’s in Film and Digital Media from the University of California, two computer hackers hit some snags while attempting to steal a valuable piece of information.