Fuji X Pro 2 video quality a huge step up – hands on with the final hardware, pre-production firmware

Fuji X Pro 2

Download original files here (note: pre-production firmware).

I am really pleased to say the video quality of the X Pro 2 is seriously impressive. It’s not 4K but it’s enormously satisfying, sharp and detailed.

What’s great is that now we can finally shoot moving images with Fuji’s superb film-like colour science, without having to worry about image quality.

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Canon 5D Mk III Sample Videos

5D Mark III sample videos

Available for pre-order now at Adorama

Release date end of the month, approx. 30th March

The Canon 5D Mark III is now official. The embargo has been lifted and a slew of information has hit the internets, very little of it new. The proof of the 5D Mark 3’s capabilities are entirely in the image.

1st Sample video here ‘Radball’

2nd Sample video hereĀ ‘Mario Nette’

3rd Sample video here ‘Color of Hope’

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New EOSHD Facebook presence and mini-blog


Since Twitter is info-bombardment-madness, things get sunk very quickly on there. I going to move a lot of the EOSHD mini-blogging to a Facebook page. Befriend me here and ‘like’ the new EOSHD page. Or else!

The first mini-blog is about Canon’s 3 year product cycle for the 5D and 1D series and why it is all wrong in the new era of fast moving consumer electronics. At least the 5D Mark 3 will be cutting edge when it finally does hit.

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Copyrighted music in HDSLR videos

Here is an example of a guy with a disgusting attitude towards creative people.

James B. Venice

[SIZE=”5″>”[/SIZE]You Zacuto guys might want to edit out the “**** *****” trailer at the end of your video. They are using a soundtrack from Steve Joblonsky without copyright permission.

Not cool. I would hate for all your hard work and “original” content to be ruined by the kids at *******.

I work for Reprise Records and we are contacting them now about the theft of his music. Please remove that section of your video or contact us at our media relations department at 818-840-2405.

Thanks for and take care.[SIZE=”5″>”[/SIZE]

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