November 3rd

The Story Begins

A flare just went up from a very large Canon video ship indeed.

Expect the 5D Mark 3 or an interchangeable lens camera. It is a red carpet event in Hollywood for November 3rd.

What do Canon have for Hollywood?

There’s a rumoured 4K EF / PL mount selection of camcorders to compete with Sony’s FS100 and F3. Jared Abrams the well connected Hollywood filmmaker caught wind of that this week. Canon have already shown a 4K prototype image processor in a hairdryer shaped concept camera so clearly R&D has been on going in 4K video. Around that same time Canon unveiled a large CMOS which we also thought was a marketing ‘concept’ until it appeared in the Japanese Kiso Observatory telescope this week.

There’s a rumoured pro audio solution in a battery grip to accompany a 5D Mark 3 that’s serious about video. That camera and accessory line-up I’d much rather see at the Hollywood event in November, personally. It would be my dream filmmaking tool and for a lot of other people!